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Growing Your Giving Day with eCards

ecard-illoOur team is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of GiveGab eCards! Like other digital gift cards, an eCard can be purchased and used to make a gift directly from your Giving Day site. Through this new offering, your Giving Day supporters can share the joy of fundraising with their friends, family, or colleagues by allowing them to easily give back to their favorite causes or initiatives. 

eCards are easy to purchase and allow you to designate a recipient’s name and email address, along with a personalized message. The recipient will receive the eCard via email with instructions on how to use the gift

Expand Your Donor Base with eCards

With a whole new way to support your causes and initiatives during a Giving Day, the opportunity to expand your philanthropic reach is multiplying. eCards are a great way to encourage your community of donors to share their enthusiasm for giving back by inviting others to join them in supporting your Giving Day. 

Create more accessibility (and fun!) for others to give by presenting eCards to your community in a variety of ways. Here are a few of our favorite ideas: 

  1. Expand your Peer-to-Peer strategy: Some of the most loyal Giving Day supporters are P2P Fundraisers. Increase their engagement by inviting your fundraisers to send eCards to their closest friends and family while simultaneously promoting their fundraising pages. eCards are a natural stepping stone for P2P Fundraisers to share their love of giving back – the fundraiser will feel good for engaging the community, and the recipient will feel good for getting to participate and give back. ecards-expand-donor-base
  2. Build a Giving Day youth program: Experienced Giving Days are always looking for ways to engage people of all ages in learning about philanthropy. By creating a Giving Day youth program, young people can learn about local causes and initiatives and the importance of giving back. Through eCards gifted by relatives and friends, your community’s future philanthropists can also experience making a gift to organizations of their choice. 
  3. Create an equitable giving initiative: The truth is, not everyone has a credit card, feels comfortable giving with their credit card, or can use their credit card during a Giving Day. More times than not, this can prevent someone from giving back who wants to participate in your Giving Day. Consider developing a giving initiative that encourages donors to purchase an eCard while making their personal gifts. The additional eCard can then be given to a peer who has not participated in the Giving Day before. Through this initiative, you can open resources for new donors and create equity across your community for people of all ages and financial backgrounds. 

By integrating eCards into your Giving Day, you have the opportunity to engage more donors across all demographics, raise more money, and teach more people in your community about the importance of giving back. You might even consider creating incentives or matching prizes around eCard giving to build momentum and further your success! 

Introduce eCards to your Giving Day

Ensuring your community has a clear understanding of how to purchase and use eCards is essential to your success. Based on your Giving Day goals and your overall fundraising strategy, you can introduce eCards and make them available during different site phases. You might introduce eCards during these times: 

    • Start saving the date:  As you begin promoting the date for your upcoming Giving Day, you can start advertising the ability to purchase eCards. This will give recipients plenty of time to learn about the day and select which causes or initiatives to support. By launching eCards at the very beginning of your marketing efforts, you build anticipation early and have plenty of time to fully advertise and educate your constituents on their benefits.ecards-launching
    • Launching registration: Take advantage of the excitement around your Giving Day registration to advertise the ability to start purchasing eCards. By launching eCards in tandem with registration, your Giving Day’s participants can help cross-promote the purchase of eCards to attract new supporters. Encourage your organizations and groups to announce their registration by inviting their constituents to purchase eCards for their peers. 
    • During year-end-giving & GivingTuesday: Extend your impact by inviting your Giving Day donors to purchase and gift eCards to their friends and family during the holiday season. Start a campaign with the national #GivingTuesday movement by running an eCard promotion and adding information to your Giving Day homepage in early November. Then, run your campaign through the end of the year to encourage philanthropy following your fall Giving Day or leading up to your spring Giving Day.

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 1.37.05 PM

Our team is here to help you advertise eCards. Talk to your Project Manager to customize your Giving Day site like the example above!

Expand Giving Year-Round

With the continued growth of online fundraising and the ease of using the GiveGab platform, a lot of our partners are asking how they can continue to fundraise beyond their Giving Day. 

Well, along with the introduction of eCards, we have a variety of offerings that makes it easy to keep your Giving Day site running year-round. You can continue to collect gifts for eligible organizations and groups and become a recognized portal to help keep philanthropy at the forefront of your community. 

Keeping your Giving Day page active is just another great way that donors can use eCards year-round to share their love of giving back, too! 

To implement a more year-round model of your Giving Day site, talk to your Relationship Management team or your Project Manager about this exciting upgrade! 

eCard Resources

We know eCards have the power to expand your donor demographics and increase Giving Day donations for your community. Our team looks forward to seeing how all of our creative partners – like you –  implement GiveGab’s newest payment feature. To begin using eCards for your Giving Day, reach out to your Project Managers! 


Not currently a GiveGab partner? Talk with a member of our Engagement Team to discuss your upcoming Giving Day.

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