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Giving Day

The Amazing Give

“What I really love about GiveGab is the people; it doesn't get better than having customer service reps, management, and software developers that you can tell all care and want to be involved in making our organization and our community better.”

-Lesley Banis, Director of Programs at The Community Foundation of North Central Florida
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Donation Forms

Austin Community Foundation

“The Donation Forms on GiveGab are extremely customizable. I’ve been working in the platform for three years, and I’m still always learning about features and customizations to better suit our needs. I’ve yet to run into a situation where we couldn’t find a creative configuration to meet our fundraising and reporting needs.”

-Cybil Guess, Vice President of Donor Relations at Austin Community Foundation
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Giving Day

Cayuga Giving Day

“This was our first experience with an exclusively online fundraising campaign, and we are thrilled with the outcome. It was wonderful to be able to present this day of giving to benefit our entire health care system. I would like to thank our many donors, sponsors, and our internal teams for their dedication and teamwork.”

-Steve Savage, Executive Director for Cayuga Medical Center Foundation
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Giving Day

Missoula Gives

“We wanted to find a way to celebrate our community and the nonprofits while encouraging people to support neighbors and friends in these tough times. ... Having the live stream made our Giving Day more accessible. Because of this, we were able to get the Giving Day in front of new people, broadening our reach and helping us to garner more community engagement.”

-Nikki Robb, Program Manager at The Missoula County Community Foundation
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Giving Day


“I can’t thank the GiveGab team enough! This was an amazing experience and our team felt well attended to throughout the whole process hosting our very first Giving Day. GiveGab provided us a clear outline with expectations during our onboarding process, so we were able to stay on track and get creative every step of the way.”

-Jennifer Remmes, Manager of Digital Resource Development at United Way of Rhode Island
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Giving Day

Amplify Austin Day

“What separates GiveGab from other platforms is their willingness to work with each giving day partner to make the experience the best it can be. GiveGab staff ensures that everyone feels heard, and they are willing to go above and beyond for their clients so that we can all make a great impact in our respective corners of our nation.”

-Christine Herlin, Manager of Nonprofit & Customer Relations for Amplify Austin Day
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P2P Fundraising Suite

SPCA of Tompkins County

“You need to find the best tools that exist in the marketplace and I would say that GiveGab fits that bill.”

-Lynne Conway for the SPCA of Tompkins County

Giving Day

WCS Day of Giving

“GiveGab's customer service was above-and-beyond. They listened to our concerns, answered silly questions, and kept us in the loop on all situations. The day went seamlessly in large part because of a beautiful website that drove participation and positivity around our annual fund.”

-Lisa Schooler and Katie Gunzelman from WCS Day of Giving
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Donation Forms


“What stands out most about GiveGab's Donation Forms is the ability to embed our donation forms right into our own website, making it a seamless web experience for our donors. We came from a product where our donation experience was hosted on a completely separate website from our station website. As a public television station, we have a lot of trac on our website related to content and programming, so it was important to us for our web visitors to have a user-friendly, easy, simple donation experience when they clicked our donate button and to be able to give right on our site.”

-Susannah Winslow, Vice President of Development at KLRU-TV, Austin PBS

Giving Day


“GiveGab has provided us with a positive and rewarding way to connect with over 200 nonprofits each year. This has enhanced our relationship with these important entities. Donors are showing the love to our participating nonprofits on the giving day; our nonprofits appreciate our leadership; and, GiveGab has made this possible. Customer experience and service is #1 with GiveGab.”

-Linda Corcoran, Director of Donor Relations and Communications from the Catholic Community Foundation

Giving Day

Cattaraugus Gives

“We have a small staff of 4 full time employees so a lot of the program falls on me, and there is no way that it would even be remotely possible to have the success we have had in the last year without GiveGab and the support from the GiveGab team. Having the support of their team really paves the way for everyone to be more successful.”

-Kirk Windus, Communications and Fund Development Coordinator for Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation
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Giving Day

Give Local York

“My advice is to work with an amazing platform like GiveGab because it really takes the pressure off. I am a staff of one so working with a platform that makes it easy for the nonprofits with great resources and customer service to support them is huge for me. I used to have to create all of those tools and support those organizations myself and now they take a lot of the pressure off of my back.”

-Meagan Given, Executive Director for Give Local York

Giving Day

Notre Dame Day

“GiveGab's Giving Day product is robust, secure, and well-maintained. Their product team helped us develop the Giving Day site of our dreams, and with the help of their amazing product and customer success teams, we surpassed our goals. Our expectations were high and GiveGab delivered.”

-Brandon Tabor, Director of Marketing Operations for Notre Dame University

Giving Day

Canisius Giving Day

“The software is very user-friendly and intuitive, but also very aesthetically engaging and creates a really great platform for our donors to engage with. The support team is incredibly helpful throughout the entire process from planning to execution of our Giving Day.”

-Matthew Gorczyca, Director of Canisius Fund for Canisius College

Giving Day


“If you’re reading this, you probably understand how much work it is to plan a big day of giving. We signed on with GiveGab as we started to plan for our 6th annual day of giving and we could not be more satisfied with this decision. They’re organized, they do what they say they will and most importantly, they actually care. Sometimes I forget they have other clients because of how attentive and helpful they have been for us. They’re like an extension of our team and I have yet to find that level of support with any other provider!”

-Colleen Fida, Assistant Director of Annual Giving for Ursinus College

Giving Day

Idaho Gives

"For us, what we got back was staff time to focus our event planning efforts. Before we spent a ton of time just doing training and registration support. GiveGab made both of those things so easy. We have almost doubled what we raised since we first started working with GiveGab because giving is easy and we can really focus on donor engagement."

-Amy Little, CEO of the Idaho Nonprofit Center

Giving Day

The Founders Day

"The GiveGab team is a pleasure to work with - they have top notch customer service. Whether it's your first time utilizing the platform or 10th, they will provide the right amount of support to make your campaign a success."

-Karalee Harhaji, Director of the Fund for the Catholic University of America

Giving Day

Sarah Lawrence Giving Day

“The staff at GiveGab consistently went above and beyond ALL expectations. They worked with us to organize our most successful giving day in just a few weeks. They were available at all hours on our giving day and they were ALWAYS quick to reply to all questions in the weeks leading up to the last minute on giving day!”

-Gary Carskaddan, Senior Director of Annual Giving Programs for Sarah Lawrence College