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Run a 24-hour (or longer) digital fundraising event with the number one Giving Day platform. We promise you best-in-class technology, connections to a community of Giving Day leaders, and the project management team you deserve!

With our commitment to regular feature updates, live chat support, and access to peer-to-peer fundraising and matching technology, you can maximize awareness, engagement, and donations for your community, school, or organization with a Giving Day powered by GiveGab.

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What Can You Accomplish with a Giving Day?

Giving Day participants on GiveGab see improved brand establishment, more new donors, and increased community engagement.

Giving Days Built For Success

Give Where You Live Collier website

Give Where You Live Collier was rebranded through GiveGab and raised over $6 million in 2021

Effective, Modern Design

Launch a mobile-responsive, custom-branded Giving Day site dedicated to collecting donations for your community.

  • Live Giving Day Statistics
  • Flexible Landing Page Builder
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration Powered by Tagboard
  • Custom Logo Design & Downloadable Marketing Materials

Personalized Support

Run your Giving Day alongside our dedicated Project Managers who will guide you through the process and help you set & reach your fundraising goals.

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Experience year-round support from our team of Giving Day experts

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GGPay is designed exclusively for nonprofits, schools, and foundations to collect donations via credit card, ACH, Donor Advised Fund, and more!

Modern Giving Options

GG Pay is GiveGab's modern and secure payment processor, designed for organizations to collect donations quickly and efficiently online.

  • Multi-Gift Basket
  • eCards
  • Saved Payment Feature for Repeat Giving
  • Mobile Wallet with Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, & Google Pay

User-Friendly, Customizable Profiles

Designed for organizations and departments to highlight their unique Giving Day needs, each customizable profile is quick and easy to set-up for success.

  • Plug & Play Donation Tiers
  • Mission & Story Section
  • Custom ‘Thank You’ Message for Donors
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Matching, & Challenges Functionality
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Engaging Giving Day profiles built to entice donors of all levels

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Consult our community of Giving Day leaders to create equitable prizes and watch your leaderboards climb

Dynamic Prizes & Leaderboards

Build momentum and engage your donors with strategic Prizes and custom Leaderboards, which are available on your Giving Day landing page and dedicated prize page.

  • Built-in Prize Picker
  • Site-Wide Matching
  • Multiple, Real-Time Leaderboards
  • Linked Profiles

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Engage the most passionate supporters through Peer-to-Peer Fundraising by inviting them to fundraise on behalf of their favorite organizations, school departments, causes, and more.

  • Personalized Fundraising Pages
  • Email & Social Sharing
  • Custom Giving Day Toolkit
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Attract more donations by engaging your most passionate supporters through P2P Fundraising

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GiveGab offers many additional features which you can leverage for year-over-year success

Additional Features

  • Embeddable Donation Widget
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Matches & Challenges
  • Embeddable Videos
  • Educational Webinars
  • Consistent Product Updates & New Features
  • And More!

Take Your Giving Day to the Next Level

The GiveGab Difference

Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for you to be great at your job! We do this by giving you an easy, enjoyable, and effective digital fundraising experience you won't find anywhere else.


We make fundraising easy by providing an intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly online interface with dedicated project managers and world-class customer support.


We make fundraising enjoyable by working as an extension of our customers’ teams to help them be successful, and by offering advanced features that make online fundraising both fun and rewarding.


Our advanced Giving Day technology has a proven and unparalleled track record of year-over-year fundraising growth for our repeat Giving Days.

Join Our Community of Giving Day Leaders

Giving Day leaders on GiveGab represent Community Foundations, United Ways, Nonprofit Networks, Nonprofits, Colleges, Universities, K-12 Schools, and Hospital Foundations. Check out all Giving Days powered by GiveGab.

Hear It First from Our Partners

Sarah Lawrence Giving Day Year over Year growth

Sarah Lawrence College

“The staff at GiveGab consistently went above and beyond ALL expectations. They worked with us to organize our most successful giving day in just a few weeks. They were available at all hours on our giving day and they were ALWAYS quick to reply to all questions in the weeks leading up to the last minute on giving day!” - Gary Carskaddan

Amplify Austin Year over Year growth

I Live Here I Give Here

“What separates GiveGab from other platforms is their willingness to work with each Giving Day partner to make the experience the best it can be. GiveGab staff ensure that everyone feels heard, and they are willing to go above and beyond for their clients so that we can all make a great impact in our respective corners of our nation.” - Christine Herlin

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