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GivingTuesday 2022 Results on GiveGab

Nov. 29, 2022, marked the 10th anniversary of the GivingTuesday movement and the GivingTuesday Data Commons estimates that over $3.1 billion was raised during this year’s internationally recognized day of generosity. Since its inception in 2012, GivingTuesday has continued to “inspire people around the world to give gifts of time, skills, goods, advocacy, and more, showing that everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts.” 

GiveGab has been a proud participant of the GivingTuesday movement since our platform first supported fundraising back in 2015. In the eight years following, our customers and partners grew their impact from $176,555 raised on our platform in 2015 to over $9.9 million raised online in 2022! We are humbled to be part of this growth as more organizations experience the joy of online fundraising with GiveGab. 

Over the years, GivingTuesday has quickly become GiveGab’s busiest (and most favorite) day of the year as we proudly support thousands of incredible fundraisers and Giving Day partners in furthering their organization’s missions and telling their unique stories! 

Let’s dive into the impact made by organizations and educational institutions on the GiveGab platform on Nov. 29, 2022 

GivingTuesday 2022 Results on GiveGab 

Despite the economic uncertainty that many Americans begun to feel, donors still came out in large numbers to show their philanthropic support for the organizations near to their hearts! On Nov. 29, 2022, 48,334 donors supported 3,623 causes and organizations fundraising on the GiveGab platform. Their collective contributions equated to $9.9 million raised online to support social good initiatives within local communities and throughout the United States. 

Additional metrics to celebrate from GivingTuesday 2022: 

  • GiveGab hosted a record-breaking number of Giving Days in a single day. Over 30 of these digital giving events, supporting local communities, educational institutions, and national programs, took place on Nov. 29, 2022. 
  • With over 65,601 gifts made on a single day, on average, each donor supported 1.36 causes. 
  • The average donation size was $150, with donors most commonly making $50 gifts. 
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraisers played a major role in providing support to the causes they championed for. On Nov. 29, 2022, fundraisers collectively raised $502,342 online! 

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the hard work of our Giving Day and year-round fundraising partners, their participating organizations, and the overwhelming support shown by donors throughout the world. 

Our Giving Day partners 

GivingTuesday continues to be the most popular date for our Giving Day partners to host their events. With GivingTuesday being the international day of giving, our partners want to align with this global movement to facilitate lasting change in their local communities.   

GiveGab was proud to cheer on returning Giving Day partners who continued to grow their impact on our platform. And, as more causes turn to these digital fundraising events, we welcomed some new partners to our site to host their first GivingTuesday Giving Day with GiveGab. 

New Giving Days in 2022 included:  

For an in-depth look, browse our blog article, GivingTuesday 2022 – Giving Days on GiveGab. In total, GiveGab supported over 30 Giving Day sites!  

GivingTuesday Success Stories 

Listen to what a few of our Giving Day partners have to say about their most recent GivingTuesday experience! 

#BrooklynGives, hosted by Brooklyn Community Foundation, continues to grow impact in the Brooklyn Borough: 

“We created #BrooklynGives back in 2016, but it really got off the ground once we partnered with GiveGab. The platform and customer support have allowed us to open the campaign up to hundreds of nonprofits—attracting thousands of donors and creating something that truly feels representative of our vast and diverse nonprofit community here in Brooklyn. We’re grateful for the partnership to help us get more Brooklynites to give where they live on GivingTuesday and beyond!” – Liane Stegmaier, VP of communications and strategy, Brooklyn Community Foundation 

Give Greene, hosted by United Way of Greene County, helped connect new donors to nonprofits operating in Greene County, Tennessee: 

“I was impressed with the smooth operation of our giving site and the hard work of our project manager, Merlin.  This was our first year and I know at least 100 things I will do differently next year.  We were thrilled that nearly all of our donors were new to us! – Wendy Peay, executive director, United Way of Greene County 

Give Where You Live Maury, hosted by United Way of Maury County, made it easy for community members of Maury County, Tennessee, to rally around their favorite causes: 

“This was my first year hosting a GivingTuesday event and I could not be more pleased! The guidance and support from the beginning construction, all the way through our Giving Day, were top-notch. Victoria {our project manager} has been fabulous to work with, as well as the Support Team! Loved the platform, the event, and the responses from donors! Going forward, this is going to be a wonderful annual event for our community!” – Laura Truelove, executive director at United Way of Maury County 

As we watch this giving movement continue to grow, we look ahead to the next GivingTuesday with high anticipation, and we hope you are doing the same. We are so thankful for all involved in making this an incredibly impactful GivingTuesday. We can’t wait to see the amazing things that will happen this year as this $9.9 million is put to work, making the world a better place. 

“Giving Days are a critical part of an organization’s fundraising efforts throughout the year. Giving Day events that run on #GivingTuesday are a great kick-off to year-end fundraising efforts. The GiveGab team supported over 30 Giving Days and 3,623 organizations on GivingTuesday. We’re proud to provide the tools and resources that support our incredible customers working hard to do more good in their communities.” – Casey Keller, SVP of customers success, GiveGab 

While GivingTuesday is regarded as the national day of philanthropy, we work with hundreds of Giving Day partners that have found great success in hosting their digital event on a date that aligns with their unique mission and goals. And many of our partners utilize both GivingTuesday and their individual giving event as part of their year-round approach to fundraising. Our Directors of Engagement are eager to work with your organization to determine the timeline for your ideal Giving Day.