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5 Essential Roles for Your Giving Day Team

The pressure of running a successful Giving Day campaign doesn’t have to fall on just one person at your organization. It’s time to spread the fundraising love by establishing a Giving Day team! 

Here are 5 Essential Roles for your Giving Day Team:

  1. The Ringleader
  2. The FUNdraiser
  3. The Tech Master
  4. The Champion Cheerleader
  5. The Communication Guru

1. The Ringleader

The Ringleader will lead the entire team toward a common goal before and throughout the Giving Day.

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Set the vision and tone of the campaign
  • Determine how long you’ll run your Giving Day campaign
  • Determine how the Giving Day will fit within your current fundraising plan, with the help of the FUN-draiser
  • Help the FUN-draiser set goals
  • Ensure each team member is working towards the same goal
  • Act as the liaison between your board, volunteers, and staff

This position is best held by the Development Director, the Executive Director, or President of the Board.

2. The FUNdraiser 

The FUNdraiser will help the Tech Master, Champion Cheerleader, and Communication Guru tell the story of your organization.

Main Responsibilities:  

  • Write the campaign story – what you’re raising money for, who it will benefit, and how to appeal to donors
  • Determine the campaign goals (both monetary and non-monetary donor goals)
  • Find business sponsors to partner with and steward that relationship
  • Reach out to Major Donors to ensure they feel appreciated during the Giving Day and encourage a smaller, additional donation, or act as a Fundraising Champion
  • Assist the Communication Guru with creating messaging and content and provide a donor list

This position is best held by someone in your development department who is familiar with your donors, sponsors, and supporters.

3. The Tech Master

The Tech Master will help manage your Giving Day profile page and assist the FUN-draiser in telling your story.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Help the FUNdraiser tell your organization’s story through photos, font styling, and giving levels
  • Help the Champion Cheerleader with setting up the Fundraising Champions’ personal fundraising pages
  • Schedule social media posts and email messages
  • Update social media profiles with Giving Day graphics
  • Add a button or badge to your organization’s website about the Giving Day

This position is best held by someone who is tech-savvy.

4. The Champion Cheerleader

The Champion Cheerleader will find a group of passionate supporters (volunteers, board members, staff, donors) that will help spread the word as Fundraising Champions (also known as P2P fundraisers).

Main Responsibilities:

  • Recruit 5-10 Fundraising Champions to help spread the word to their personal networks
  • Train Fundraising Champions on fundraising best practices with the help of the FUN-draiser
  • Update the Fundraising Champions on the campaign progress regularly throughout the length of the campaign
  • Provide encouragement to Fundraising Champions throughout the duration of the campaign
  • Offer social media posts, email templates, and graphics your Fundraising Champions can use to promote your campaign
  • Add any offline donations (cash or checks not collected on the Giving Day website) that your Fundraising Champions raise to their personal campaign (or let the FUN-draiser know who made offline donations) 

This position is best held by a volunteer coordinator, a development associate, a Board Member, or a passionate volunteer, depending on who you want as Fundraising Champions.

5. The Communication Guru

The Communication Guru will determine the best methods of communicating out about the campaign – email, social media, direct mail, events, and others.

Main Responsibilities:  

  • Work with the FUN-draiser and the Ringleader to determine the best communication channels to reach your organization’s goals
  • Create a communication timeline for your organization and your Fundraising Champions
  • Create email content and social media posts to spread the word based on the story the FUN-draiser wants to tell
  • Create email content and social media posts for fundraising champions to use to spread the word to their personal networks
  • Assist the Tech Master with collecting photos and creating graphics
  • Develop and promote an in-person event to complement your goals

This position is best held by your Marketing Director or Associate, your Development Director or Associate, your Executive Director, or a member of your Board.

For nonprofit administrators who are running solo operations:

We recommend reaching out to your key volunteers to see if any of them would be a good fit for these roles and ask them if they’d be interested in contributing to the success of your Giving Day.  Keep in mind that you’ll want people on your team who are passionate about your mission, so choose wisely!  Here are some more ways to get your volunteers involved with a Giving Day.

Once you have the members of your Giving Day team established, provide them with their list of responsibilities, and then be sure to schedule regular check-ins to keep your team focused and collaborating throughout the Giving Day!

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