Philanthropy Hub

Be the philanthropic leader for your community by providing a centralized website that serves as a verified nonprofit directory for year-round awareness, engagement, and giving!

How it Works

We work with you to create a customizable website that represents your community or chapters and gives you the power to verify the profiles of your member nonprofits, highlight specific cause areas or organizations, and provide a trusted resource for grantmakers and other entities to research organizations.

With Philanthropy Hub, you'll be the authoritative source of detailed information discovery about organizations in your community. It also incorporates everything from our Community Giving product.

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Benefits of Philanthropy Hub

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For Community Leaders

  • As a Community Foundation, United Way, Nonprofit Network, or Leader of an Affiliate Network, ignite philanthropy in your community by providing a centralized portal where supporters, grantmakers, and other entities can go to learn about and support nonprofits within your community.
  • Amplify your capacity-building, year-round engagement and awareness, and philanthropic transparency. 
  • Provide a trusted and secure central location for DAF holders to direct their funds.  
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For Community Members

  • Learn more about local nonprofits and show support by signing up for a volunteer opportunity or donating through a modern and secure site. 
  • Develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with your local community by getting involved with important initiatives and showing support through active participation.
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For Nonprofit Organizations in Your Community

  • Easily raise awareness and support for those organizations in your community by highlighting their activities, fundraisers, or volunteering opportunities.
  • Become the trusted hub for charitable giving in your community where grant makers and individuals can go to discover the information they need to help them make giving decisions.
  • Allow Nonprofits in your community to leverage your robust platform for online fundraising, promotion, and ultimately gain exposure to new supporters.

Expected Outcomes


Promote Cause-Based Giving


Amplify Donor-Advised funds for the community and allow fund holders to select their distributions online


Analyze data and gather insights on giving in your community through powerful business intelligence tools


Unite your local community by providing continuous opportunities for philanthropic involvement

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