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Dick Montgomery

The Live Greater Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to serve the homeless, victims of domestic violence, and those struggling with addiction.

Dick Montgomery, Founder and President of the the Live Greater Foundation, shared his success story using GiveGab. Having used an alternative online fundraising platform before, Dick described the many improvements he experienced after switching to GiveGab!

Choosing GiveGab

Dick first looked into using GiveGab after experiencing frustrations with his prior platform:

"The platform was visually boring and inflexible, payments took forever, and help was hard to access. Also it was expensive."

When asked what made him decide to try something new: "When we designed our first appeal with the former platform, we knew we wanted to make something attractive and expressive of our values, instead we found, a cold and dull website. So boring, and lifeless."

When asked for his top reasons for choosing GiveGab, Dick said: "We love that GiveGab has accessible staff for handling issues, that the platform is so vibrant looking, and that their products are growing and maturing as we grow and mature."

Awesome Results

GiveGab helped the Live Greater Foundation overcome challenges they had before: "Designing is easy and almost too simple. Payments are quick to arrive-a big deal in a small organization! And when we have issues, givegab staff are quick to assist!"

Dick described the primary differences from other platforms: "Visually, givegab is youthful, flexible, and current. The payment structure is also more accessible to young orgs."

When it comes to GiveGab's variety of platform features, Dick told us: "The integration with social media for donors and fundraising champions makes the process of spreading the word an easier one for everybody."

Dick shared with us his most positive experience using GiveGab so far. "When we launched our Thanksgiving turkey campaign, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We'd had a busy summer of projects and a Christmas appeal upcoming. We needed a way to make it stand out. We found that GiveGab's platform helped us to evoke the feeling that donors were literally at the table with us. The donation levels helped us to be very clear about what each dollar could do. We even received a gift that covered dinner for 100 people with the note, "I'd love to cover dinner for 100 strangers." We knew then that our messaging had hit home."

GiveGab helped the Live Greater Foundation reach their campaign goals and raise over 20K online. "Our fundraising is as fun as it is raising, it doesn't feel burdensome for our givers to see our pages."

The primary reason why Dick would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits?

"GiveGab is the best integrated platform with the best looking campaigns, hands down."

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