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Marnie LaVigne

Launch NY is a nonprofit organization that aims to drive job and wealth creation by investing in high-growth, high-impact companies in 27 counties throughout Western New York.

Marnie Lavigne, President and CEO of Launch NY, shared her success story using GiveGab. Having never used an online fundraising platform before, Marnie described the many benefits she experienced after Joining GiveGab!

Choosing GiveGab

Marnie first looked into using GiveGab after experiencing frustrations with a lack of resources, donors, and overall awareness of Launch NY and the services they have to offer.

"When it was time to get the word out about our newest service," Marnie told us, "the Launch NY Seed Fund - while fundraising for it at the same time. Crowdfunding seemed to be the right 'new' thing to try for our organization."

When asked for her top reasons for choosing GiveGab, Marnie said:

"When we evaluated the popular crowdfunding sites, we decide that going with a site dedicated to nonprofits made sense. Plus, we were so pleased to be able to work with GiveGab who had been a client of Launch NY in the past in making use of our startup business mentoring services."

Awesome Results

GiveGab helped Launch NY overcome challenges they had before: "We have been able to achieve terrific visibility for Launch NY and our services, while surpassing our fundraising goal. GiveGab helped us leverage #GivingTuesday to top our goal that we couldn't have done on our own. Plus, now we have been able to use GiveGab for an ongoing donation page after our crowdfunding campaign ended."

Marnie described the primary differences from other platforms: "This was our first time crowdfunding, but we appreciate some key differences, including our ability to coordinate our offline fundraising efforts by entering those donors into the GiveGab campaign. This is a powerful combination that I think makes a great deal of difference and sense for nonprofit fundraising efforts."

When it comes to GiveGab's variety of platform features, Marnie told us: "The personal campaign feature was a very big one for us that we would leverage even more next time. Also, being able to include offline donors in our online campaign information was crucial and highly valuable to our effort."

Marnie shared with us her most positive experience using GiveGab so far: "Without the GiveGab-based campaign, we would have had to mount a very time and cost intensive effort to gain visibility for Launch NY, which really would not have been feasible for our organization."

GiveGab helped Launch NY reach their campaign goals: "GiveGab provided a platform that helped our lean team and resources deliver both increased awareness and new funding for our organization."

"As a charitable organization who had been funded only by grants and other corporate awards in the past, Launch NY went from 0 individual donors to over 100 through the GiveGab campaign."

The primary reason why Marnie would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits?

"The feature that accommodates inclusion of offline donations in the online campaign information is invaluable."

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