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Bubba Crumrine

Ithaca Underground is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a sustainable and supportive environment for people of all ages to express themselves through art and music outside of the mainstream.

Bubba Crumrine, President of Ithaca Underground, shared his success story using GiveGab. Having never used an online fundraising platform before, Bubba described the many benefits he experienced using GiveGab for his participation in Giving is Gorges.

Choosing GiveGab

Bubba first looked into using GiveGab after experiencing the following frustrations: "Finding the best-fit way to enthusiastically encourage individuals to contribute to our organization outside of fundraiser events and sponsorships, finding the right call to action for our non-local donors to contribute, how to fund a fast-growing organization while keeping our events affordable to our audience."

When asked what made him decide to try something new: "We quickly went 4-for-4 in the first grants we applied for, and were suddenly in a place where we needed to add ways to raise matched funds outside of our weekly/annual events, fundraiser events, and current sponsor pipeline without raising prices of our merchandise or performances."

When asked for his top reasons for choosing GiveGab, Bubba said: "When we learned of #GivingIsGorges, it was a compelling and obvious fit. To be listed and discovered among other like-minded not-for-profits provided great viability for our organization - which has years of history, but only a few of being a 501c3."

"GiveGab was an immediate, easy option to add to our development mix and giving people more opportunities to support at their level."

Awesome Results

GiveGab helped Ithaca Underground overcome challenges they had before: "We needed to quickly, easily, and effectively increase our funding and development mix and GiveGab did just that in two campaigns in 2015."

When it comes to GiveGab's variety of platform features, Bubba told us: "We love the social aspect, where potential donors can see all of the enthusiastic comments and affirmations left from those who have already contributed."

Bubba shared with us his most positive experience using GiveGab so far: "2015's #GivingIsGorges campaign propelled us into our most successful year to date, exceeding 3,000 attendees, and our end of year campaign, augmented by #GivingTuesday helped us hit the ground running in 2016."

Giving Is Gorges Campaign

GiveGab helped Ithaca Underground reach their campaign goals: "GiveGab has helped us fund major annual events, fund documentation and production of our year-round all ages events, and meet our grant matches, all to ensure a sustainable development strategy."

The primary reason why Bubba would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits?

"GiveGab is one of the easiest crowdfunding tools available and to be aligned with other not-for-profits at the same time is unbeatable.

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