The Tools You Need
To Be Successful

Our mission is to make your platform experience as beneficial and enjoyable as possible. We know this involves integrating with the tools you use the most!

This is why we offer integrations with tools like Salesforce and plan future integrations based on the direct requests of our valued partners.

Integration benefits include all your favorite tools working together with the amplified GiveGab platform experience as well as streamlined tools and key integrations that save you time and maximize fundraising potential!

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Available Integrations

GiveGab Enterprise Sync for Salesforce is the ultimate solution to all your supporter management needs, allowing you to seamlessly build a complete picture of your donors, delivering the insight you need to engage at a more personal level and develop deeper relationships.

Powered by Importacular and integrated directly within Raiser's Edge and Raiser's Edge NXT, Importacular lets you connect to GiveGab Enterprise (formerly Kimbia) and bring data directly into the Raiser’s Edge and RE NXT, allowing for completely customizable mapping and matching criteria.

GiveGab provides custom BI and analytics dashboards in real-time, which includes beautiful charts, graphs, and more for ultimate insightsts into your fundraising operations.

Track end-user behavior, such as referrals, event conversion, bounce rates, and more.

Leverage your Double the Donation account and embed this value-add feature on your Enterprise forms to seamlessly integrate a path for increasing your fundraising dollars through employer matching programs.

Take comfort knowing that your donors and nonprofits always have help at their fingertips from GiveGab's responsive customer success team. Want to take on full support ownership for your organization? Plug in your pre-existing Intercom account.