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Josiah Jacobus-Parker

Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL) is a nonprofit that offers free and equal access to information, education and enriching experiences for the local community!

Josiah Jacobus-Parker, Development Coordinator at Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL), shared his fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having used an alternative online fundraising platform in the past, Josiah revealed his increased success after making the switch!

Choosing GiveGab

Josiah was looking for a platform that could outpace the one he was using. Some of the issues he faced using an alternative platform included: "Slow response time, slow bank transfers, lack of flexible platforms...We struggled to get our online fundraisers to complete their profiles on the previous platform because the process was so complex and difficult."

"We tried CrowdRise, and found it clunky and slow. Processing offline donations was a real pain, and they were often slow to respond to our needs."

Josiah shared his top reasons for switching to GiveGab: "GiveGab is a local business and a dedicated team that was willing to meet with us time and again and make a product for what we needed. The team was so responsive and helpful in every interaction, and we loved the work they were doing in our community."

When asked what his favorite GiveGab feature was: "GiveGab makes all the sign-up steps for new fundraisers so simple and fun. There's a carefree sense to the process, and it shows that the GiveGab team cares a lot about the user experience."

Awesome Results

Josiah said that GiveGab helped TCPL overcome the challenges they had before in the following ways: "GiveGab has a very simple process for account creation, and it makes it so easy to launch multiple fundraising campaigns with different priorities. The GiveGab team has always been at hand to answer questions and help us troubleshoot."

When asked how GiveGab helped them reach their fundraising goals: "GiveGab has helped us streamline the crowdfunding process for fundraising initiatives, and every time we work with them, we have shattered our goals! Using GiveGab had a MAJOR impact on the library!"

"When we used CrowdRise for our READATHON fundraiser, we saw about 50% of fundraisers complete their profiles and begin actively fundraising. When we switched to GiveGab, 86% of our fundraisers completed their profiles and received online donations to their campaigns. Comparing the same two years, when we used CrowdRise, we exceeded our campaign goal, but largely due to day-of, in-person donations. The year we used GiveGab, we had already exceeded our fundraising goal before the READATHON even began."

Josiah shared his most positive experience using GiveGab: "We had a fantastic fundraiser for Giving is Gorges day, and completely blew through our fundraising goal. We attribute this to the efforts of GiveGab to raise awareness in the community for Giving is Gorges day, and for the ease of use of their site."

When asked why he would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits, this was Josiah's response: "GiveGab treats every client as if they are their only client. They work tirelessly to deliver an excellent product, are happy to tailor the product to client needs, and are always responsive."

"GiveGab also dedicates themselves to the communities they work with, and beyond their own products, often volunteer their time at numerous events throughout the community."

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