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Sarah Salem, Development Associate for Dutchess Outreach, shared her success story using GiveGab's giving platform for her participation in Hudson Valley Gives 2016 and New York's first statewide Giving Day, #NYGivesDay 2016

Dutchess Outreach Achieved 127% Of Their Fundraising Goal on #NYGivesDay 2016!

Before GiveGab

Before being introduced to GiveGab through their participation in Hudson Valley Gives, a 24-hour Giving Day for the Hudson Valley, Dutchess Outreach had never done online fundraising.  

Making the Switch

Participating in Hudson Valley Gives made Sarah and her team realize the great potential of online fundraising and how it could continue to benefit their efforts in the future.  

"Hudson Valley Gives was a unique opportunity to connect with our community and raise money over a 24-hour period. It showed us what we were capable of doing in such a short amount of time!"

The GiveGab platform is an integrated giving platform designed exclusively for nonprofits, which means it includes a variety of tools for fundraising, marketing, supporter engagement, donor management, and more!  

Sarah told us that the ease of using GiveGab is the primary reason Dutchess Outreach continues to use us for their online fundraising. 

"Using GiveGab showed us how effective online giving could be for fundraising!"

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User Experience

Not only was the GiveGab platform easy for Sarah to use, she told us that her experience helped her organization realize the benefit of online giving.  She also loved being able to set a monetary goal for their campaign that could be seen and tracked by her staff and supporters. 

"Overall the entire experience was super positive! We really dig GiveGab."  

Awesome Results

Dutchess Outreach achieved 127% of their fundraising goal for #NYGivesDay 2016, with over $5,000 raised by 40 donors! 

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"GiveGab is easy to use and effective for helping bring in support through fundraising campaigns." 

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