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Jenny Anderson

Celebrate EDU of Boulder, Colorado, is a nonprofit that provides entrepreneurial education and opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities, helping them live happier and more productive lives.

Jenny Anderson, Co-founder and CEO of Celebrate EDU, shared her success story using GiveGab for running online fundraising campaigns. Having used an alternative online fundraising platform in the past, Jenny shared her experience.

Choosing GiveGab

Before switching to GiveGab, Jenny was using another online fundraising platform that she described as being more expensive, having issues with payment processing, and with no way to recruit volunteers.

Jenny told us that the final straw that made her look into switching to a new fundraising platform was when a donation was returned to a donor despite having entered all the correct information.

For Celebrate EDU, making the switch to GiveGab came down to: "The ability to use the site not only to fundraise but to also set up volunteer opportunities."

The GiveGab platform is an integrated giving platform designed exclusively for nonprofits, which means it includes a variety of tools for fundraising, marketing, supporter engagement, donor management, and more!

Jenny told us that the ease of using the GiveGab platform along with the unparalleled customer support allowed her to overcome the challenges they had experienced in the past.

"The customer service through GiveGab is better than any other site I've used in the past. Very transparent and easy to talk to."

Awesome Results

Celebrate EDU's Holiday Fundraiser campaign brought in over 100% of their $15,000 goal, of which Jenny attributes much of the success to the support provided by GiveGab's customer success team.

Jenny told us that she would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits because we're easy to use and provide a great customer experience.

"With GiveGab, we have recruited new volunteers, grown our donor base, and raised more money than we have in years past."

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