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Anne Ledet

ABODE is a nonprofit that provides a welcoming, peaceful, and comfortable home around-the-clock for those who are in need at the end of life, at no cost to the guest.

Anne Ledet, Development Director for Abode Contemplative Care for the Dying, shared her experience using GiveGab for her organization's fundraising campaign during #BigGive2017!

Choosing GiveGab

Abode was introduced to GiveGab through their participation in #BigGive2017, a Giving Day established by The Nonprofit Council of Texas to reinstill confidence among community nonprofits following the unfortunate technology crash experienced in 2016.

Because their day was hosted on a different giving platform last year, we asked Anne for insights into which features were the most helpful and impressive to her team. Anne told us what they enjoyed most about using the GiveGab platform. "The new features and maneuverability were a huge plus. Also liked working with GiveGab staff who were available when needed."

Favorite Features

Some of Anne's favorite GiveGab features included the Giving Day Leaderboards that displayed participating organizations in order by Most Raised and Most Donors throughout the 24 hours.

"We loved the leaderboards and the ability to refresh them to see everyone's progress during the day."

They also took advantage of the video embedding feature on their giving profile and all of their personal fundraisers' pages. Take a look at their video here:

Awesome Results

Abode was able to successfully engage their past supporters and gain new ones as a result of their participation in the Big Give!

"Big Give put us on the map. Being a fairly new charity, people started asking "What is Abode all about?" We look forward to cultivating relationships with the new notoriety."

Abode Campaign

Abode ranked #7 on the Big Give Leaderboards for amount raised with over $78k donated by 200 donors!

"Our participation in this day helped us surpass our goals and brought our community together to support a great cause."

Not only did Abode succeed in reaching their financial goal, but they were also introduced to many other new donors and received media attention for their success.

When asked to provide her final thoughts about her GiveGab experience, Anne said:

"A Giving Day through GiveGab establishes a safe and respected avenue to give and learn about new nonprofit entities."

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