GiveGab Branding Guidelines

GiveGab Logos & Icons

Acceptable Variations

Acceptable Brand Backgrounds

Avoid mid-toned backgrounds. For example, the logo should not appear on a gray darker than #eaeaea.

Usage: Treatment

Wherever the logo appears, there should be sufficient space surrounding it. Space should be no smaller than the width and height of the letter “e” within the GiveGab logo.

The registered trademark symbol should also appear anytime the logo is used.

Text Treatment
When writing about GiveGab within a body of text, use two capital “G”s with no space between the words “Give” and “Gab”.

Usage: Things to Avoid

Do not add visual effects to the logo (shadows, glows, outlines, etc.).

Do not change the logo's orientation or stretch it's proportions.

Do not place the logo on visually busy or “vibrating” backgrounds.

Do not use colors outside of GiveGab's color palette.

Brand Colors

Primary & Secondary Colors

Primary Colors







Secondary Colors

faint gray

Faint Gray

light gray

Light Gray

mid gray

Mid Gray

dark gray

Dark Gray

Fonts & Text

Brand Fonts

Primary Headers
Museo Slab 500* is GiveGab's primary font for headlines. We occasionally make use of the font's various weight options for emphasis or differentiation.

museo slab font

Secondary Headers & Body Text
Proxima Nova is GiveGab's primary font for body text. We also occasionally use this font for headlines on the web.

proxima nova font

Acceptable Substitutions
In the case that GiveGab's primary fonts are not available, a substitution from this list may be used. All are free to download online.

alternative font

Body Text & Headlines

Body Text/Paragraphs
Body text is primarily dark gray and between 16-18px.

Appropriate line height is applied to promote readability. Paragraphs are left-aligned and are less than 16 words per line.

Text Sample

Museo Slab is GiveGab's primary font for headers. Occasionally, Proxima Nova is used as well.

Navy is the primary header color. Other acceptable header colors include dark gray and sometimes orange.


Links & Quotations

Links that appear within body text are bold and blue. Links can also appear gray or orange depending on their context.

Link Example

Quotes primarily use Museo Slab 500, and are italic, blue, centered, h1 size, and appear with quotes around them.

Always allow for proper line height and padding around quotes and be sure to cite the author.

Quote Example

Images & Illustrations

Image Usage: General Strategy

GiveGab always uses high-quality images on its materials. No grainy, pixelated images allowed! We also help to educate our nonprofit partners on best practices for attaining and using high-quality images.

We choose candid-looking photos over cheesy, posed-looking ones. The content and subjects within our photos are relatable and should speak to or represent our target demographics.

On the web, keep our image sizes relatively low, swap out large images for small ones for mobile devices, and include alt tags.

Example of Bad Photo
Example of Bad Photo
Example of Bad Photo
Example of Bad Photo

*Stay Away From:
Use your best judgment to steer clear of images that appear “cheesy”, are trying too hard to communicate an abstract idea, or are of low visual quality.

Design Principles

Foundational Values for GiveGab Design

GiveGab designs and interfaces make use of GiveGab’s official guidelines which provide a basis for a unified and consistent experience across mediums.

We design for our users, not for ourselves. Our aim is to create user-friendly, appealing, and delightful solutions that attract customers and help them to easily accomplish their goals. We value client feedback as a way to improve and grow our products. Our designs are flexible and evolve over time to meet client needs and changes in target demographics.

GiveGab produces designs that are high quality, well-crafted, and thoughtful. We care about details and improve our designs through research, feedback, collaboration, iteration, and fine-tuning. We take ownership of what we create and only deliver solutions we’re proud of.

Simplicity & Cleanliness
GiveGab designs make good use of white space, clean lines, and a simple color palette. We strive against cluttered interfaces in favor of focused-design that reduces visual and cognitive strain whenever possible.