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Why Giving to Nonprofits Makes Sense

We talk a lot about how giving to nonprofits feels good and is a good thing to do, but from a practical standpoint, giving also yields positive results that make sense!  So, whether you’re that person that feels the need to explain why you donate to your more critically-minded friends, or you’re the more logical one looking for reasons to donate, this article is for you. 

The following are just some of the many reasons why providing donations to nonprofits makes sense:  

1. Giving is correlated with overall life satisfaction, which means increased productivity

To reference one of our recently published articles, giving has been shown to increase well-being in a variety of ways!  Mental, physical, and even social health, have all been correlated with giving and volunteering.  And, as can be assumed, the better you feel, the better you function at work, home, and life!   

2. Contributing to causes you care about gives them a fighting chance

You might think that your contribution doesn’t mean much, but if everyone thought that way, then nonprofits and charities wouldn’t exist!  There are nonprofits for almost any cause you can think of, so there’s bound to be something out there worth giving your time or money to…  Being practical doesn’t mean that you don’t care about what’s happening in the world.  It could mean that you care even more.     

3. Tax deductions are always nice

As long as you donate money to qualified organizations, you can use your donor receipts to factor into your tax deductions for the year.  Many taxpayers opt to donate money each year because they like knowing that some of their money is going to a place they carefully selected, opposed to wherever the state or government chooses to spend it.   

4. Getting involved often leads to important social and work connections

It’s often said that it’s not what you know, but who you know, and it’s practically inevitable that you will make life-changing personal connections when you get involved with helping nonprofits.  Plus, with GiveGab, we make it even easier to make connections with our free social network for volunteers, where you can create a profile, invite your friends, keep track of your donations/ volunteer hours, and much more.     

So, if you’re looking to feed your logical cookie monster with some feel-good treats, giving to a worthy cause is the way to go!     

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