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What is GiveGab?

In early January our team came together to create a video, the goal of which, was to answer the question “What is GiveGab?”

Although it would take more than a simple 3-minute video for someone to learn everything about us, we are happy with the message we created together. That being said we thought we would expand on it a little.

Here are few quotes from our team you won’t find in the video

What is GiveGab?

“GiveGab is a team of individuals that are driven by the change that nonprofits make in their communities.”

What is GiveGab?

“To me, I love to come to work and just interact with everybody… I love the fact that everybody gets excited when there are challenges that we face together as a team and work towards collectively.”

What is GiveGab?

“You don’t ever wake up feeling like you’re dreading going to work because what you do is actually fun and the people here make it fun.”

We have created something special at GiveGab.

Our technology is excellent, our support team is responsive and knowledgeable, but these things would not be possible if it weren’t for a few factors that can be, at times, difficult to nail down.

It’s not luck, but a contagious diligence and unrelenting enthusiasm that attracted the incredible people that make up our team. There is one more factor as well: helping nonprofits improve the world. Righting wrongs and innovating new frontiers of compassion is absurdly rewarding. We are a company that is obsessed with helping nonprofits succeed.





If you really want to know what GiveGab is, keep reading our articles, watching our videos, browsing our website and products, and even “chat in” to that little blue bubble at the bottom of every page on

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