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Tompkins County Celebrates 3rd Annual Giving Day, Giving is Gorges 2017

On May 9, 2017, nonprofits from throughout Tompkins County and surrounding areas came together to celebrate local philanthropy by participating in Giving is Gorges 2017!  

Last year, Giving is Gorges 2016 brought in a little over $100k to 105 participating nonprofits from over 1,000 donors.

This 24-hour giving event was first established in 2015 and was the very first to be implemented by the GiveGab platform in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.  The success of this day set the stage for GiveGab to continue creating more of these remarkable events.  As of May 2017, GiveGab has launched over thirty Giving Days!

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Giving is Gorges 2017 Promotions

Giving is Gorges 2017

This year, GiveGab’s design team put together a promotional poster that utilized the official Giving is Gorges logo and implemented a drawing of popular landmarks throughout Ithaca, NY.  These posters were displayed locally to help promote the day.

As with all of GiveGab’s Giving Days, a nonprofit toolkit was made available for all participating in the event to help with social media and email outreach.

Social media graphics like the one below were available for site visitors to download and share.

Giving is Gorges 2017



Participants and supporters alike spread the word and shared the love by donating and posting status updates on social media for #GivingisGorges.

Giving is Gorges 2017 Results

In hopes of surpassing the success of last year, Giving is Gorges 2017 raised over $102k from 1,259 donors for 103 area nonprofits!

Giving is Gorges 2017

Giving is Gorges Prizes were awarded throughout the day by generous local sponsors.  Along with prizes for having the Most Raised and the Most Donors, there were also prizes awarded for specific time intervals to provide opportunities to more participating organizations.

These prizes included:  Happy Hour Power Hour, Night Owl Power Hour, Breakfast Power Hour, Lunch Break Power Hour, Home Stretch Power Hour, A Donor From Far Away, 607 Prize, First Donor Prize, Education Award, Health and Wellness Award, and the GiveGab Bonus!

Giving is Gorges 2017

Topping the Giving is Gorges Leaderboards for having the Most Raised and the Most Donors was the SPCA of Tompkins County!

The SPCA of Tompkins County raised just under $8k from 147 donors
Giving is Gorges 2017

Lynne Conway, Volunteer and Philanthropic Programs Manager for the SPCA of Tompkins County, shared her experience participating in this year’s Giving Day event:

Giving is Gorges is one amazing twenty-four-hour adrenaline rush for all of us at the SPCA of Tompkins County.  We love this day!  We believe in the exponential power that the thrill of giving brings and seeing the names of our supporters and their comments on our campaign page undoubtedly inspired more animal lovers to support our work saving animals’ lives.

Reaching out to these magnificent supporters, loyal volunteers, hard-working staff and loving adopters and having so many of them support our campaign to bring animals to Ithaca from high-kill shelters is truly humbling. We thank them.

We are tremendously grateful to the skilled and supportive staff at GiveGab for making a fundraising day like this a possibility for the non-profits in Tompkins County.”

Below are photos of two grateful Giving is Gorges beneficiaries
Giving is Gorges 2017
Congratulations to all participants and supporters of this special giving event! We look forward to celebrating again next year!

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