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What Will You Give Back This Giving Season?

This time of year is known for its many heartwarming and joyous occasions.  More loved ones get together to celebrate their relationships and, people in general, tend to be not only more giving to one another, but more forgiving and charitable as well.   

Many of us experience a heightened spirit of giving around the winter holidays, as we’re more likely to volunteer our time and services to those in need. December is repeatedly shown to be the most charitable month of the year.  

And with #GivingTuesday thrown into the holiday mix, it’s no wonder the end of the year is commonly known as giving season, but it may be in more ways than you think…  

The Holiday Season is also…

The Season of Love

The time spanning from Thanksgiving to New Years has (by no surprise) been coined “engagement season” in the U.S.  More people get engaged during this time than any other time of the year and these engagements, in particular, tend to be more elaborate and more widely shared on social media.   

The Season of Peace

Although crime is more noticeable during the holiday season, statistically crime rates tend to decrease in the November and December months.  But, more importantly than what the numbers show, the holiday season is a time of increased awareness when it comes to spreading love, joy, and peace, thereby reducing hate, violence, and fear.  The commonly celebrated holidays that we associate with this time of year all seem to follow this theme of harmony at their core, which is something people from all backgrounds can celebrate.    

 The Season of Family

According to data gathered over the years, birth rates are at their highest in the month of August.  And if you do the math, this means that the majority of children are conceived around the holiday season, spanning from late October through Thanksgiving and December.  Adoption rates are also at their highest this time of year, with November being recognized as National Adoption Month.    

 The Season of Charity

From soup kitchens to Christmas carolers, people are doling out whatever they have to spare in greater volumes during the holidays.  And monetary donations are no exception.  In fact, 31% of all yearly donations for 2014 occurred in the month of December and 12% occurred during the last 3 days of the year.  Not to mention #GivingTuesday, marked as the most charitable day of the year, happens annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving!

This infographic reveals some of the incredible benefits of giving back:  

giving season

In whatever ways you choose to give this holiday season, make sure to give wisely and compassionately.  And maybe consider giving in a way that you never have before.    

 Happy Giving and Happy Holidays!