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Summer 2021 Quarterly Product Updates

The GiveGab team is dedicated to responding to our customer’s feedback. Over the past few months, we have worked to create impactful, robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite.

We invite you to check out some of our most notable updates from the past quarter.

Giving Days 

Giving Days are online fundraising challenges (24 hours or longer) that bring communities and campuses together to raise awareness and funds for different initiatives.

Grow Your Giving Day with eCards


Giving Day supporters can now share the joy of fundraising with their friends, family, or colleagues by sending them a GiveGab eCard. Like other digital gift cards, an eCard can be purchased and used to make a gift directly on a Giving Day site.

By integrating eCards into your Giving Day, you have the opportunity to engage more donors across all demographics, raise more money, and teach more people in your community about the importance of giving back. To learn more about how to expand your donor base and introduce eCards to your community, check out our latest blog.

Lightning Fast Searches

At GiveGab, we know the importance of making giving as easy as possible! This is why we introduced a new, lightning-fast search feature. Powered by Algolia, a third-party service used by leaders in every industry, the search integration will produce precise results for your Giving Day donors in milliseconds.


The new Giving Day search algorithm automatically anticipates donor’s results and populates organizations and groups as soon as they begin typing in the search bar. Additionally, the search will yield results even when something is slightly misspelled. This means donors will get quick, relevant results every time – no matter the organization, group, cause, area, or department they are trying to find! With such an accurate search experience, more donors will be able to quickly and easily support their all favorite causes.

More Flexible Business Fundraising Options

Community businesses have the power to amplify donations during your Giving Day. We have made significant improvements to our Business Fundraiser feature that allows you to better manage these profiles while providing more flexibility to your participating businesses. planning-1

Each registered Business Fundraiser now has a personalized dashboard. Within the dashboard, businesses can edit their name, address, imagery, and administrators for every Giving Day that they are a part of. This centralized dashboard makes it easy for national and international businesses to manage multiple profiles for multiple Giving Days at once!

With an intuitive user interface and greater flexibility, businesses can be more successful during Giving Days. Our partners can focus on bringing in more Business Fundraisers rather than managing the smaller details of each business.

Donation Forms

Donation Forms empower you to create completely custom and embeddable forms for collecting donations, registrations, and RFIs (Requests For Information) integrated into your website.

Advancing Administrative Controlsgift-1

Recurring donations help sustain organizations and allow them to better propose long-term budget plans. We know how important it is to make sure each transaction is processed quickly and efficiently. Our team at GiveGab has added additional improvements to the Donor Self Service Widget to help improve donor communication and make sure gifts are continuously processed over time.

Within the Donation Forms platform, under “Organization,” you can now navigate to the new “Email Settings” section to customize content which can automatically be sent to your recurring donors when: a donor’s credit card is about to expire, there is an issue charging the credit card on file, and/or when an existing donor comes across the Donor Self Service Widget on their own. These new customizable fields will help provide clear next steps for your donors so they can edit their recurring payment information, and so you can continue to have confidence that all gifts will come through on time.

Additional Updates

Giving Days

  • Track all in-going and out-going balances and payouts to better reconcile your own finances and help answer any questions from participating groups or organizations with the new Financials Tab on your Partner Dashboard.
  • Newly formatted Peer-to-Peer leaderboards will now show the group or campaign name to encourage even more donors to give back to high-performing campaigns.
  • Navigate and manage your Giving Day dashboard even more easily with our accessibility updates, which allow you to directly edit donations, search and export filtered lists based on group or organization name, and release multiple Donor Advised Fund gifts in one easy step.
  • Site administrators have the ability to allow groups to upload documents to their public Giving Day profiles. This provides a convenient place for donors to learn even more about these group’s diversity policies, financials, and more.
  • By surfacing the Donation Type field on your Partner Dashboard, you can now measure the impact of the ‘Tip the Host’ feature. This makes it easier to see how your community is directly supporting your Giving Day.
  • Following our accessibility updates for Giving Day sites, we are now introducing improved accessibility for the Giving Day registration flow to help increase readability with standard font sizes and colors, new form labels, and organized fieldsets.

Donation Forms

  • Making ‘Advanced Giving’ easier to track, additional items were added to the datafeed to identify if a donation is an “Advanced Gift,” the gift’s expected post date, and a marking to identify the successful process of the gift.
  • The datafeed will also now include ‘Billing Address Line 2,’ even when the field is left blank, which ensures consistent back-end data collection – making CRM integration a breeze.

P2P Fundraising Suite

  • Newly formatted nonprofit pages now feature re-styled buttons and formatted sections to better highlight active fundraising campaigns and volunteer opportunities.
  • Donors can now see records of all their gifts and event registrations within their user profile, making it easier to reconcile all their philanthropic interactions.

Philanthropy Hub

  • To save users more time than ever, we launched a red alert indicator to call attention to required profile submission form fields that are not yet populated.
  • We have added approval request support for documents in Philanthropy Hub to help administrators more clearly distinguish changes that need to be reviewed.

Philanthropy Hub & Community Giving

  • Giving Days tied to Philanthropy Hub and Community Giving now have access to the newly designed profile layouts, which provides a more modern and engaging experience for donors.

GiveGab platform updates and enhancements will be announced monthly and made available on the GiveGab blog.

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