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Over $1.8 Million Raised for Spring2ACTion 2018

Spring2ACTion 2018

On April 24, 2018, we traveled from our headquarters in Ithaca, NY, to Alexandria, VA, to help support our partners for Spring2ACTion 2018! 

While we were there to provide support and cheer them on, my main objective was to create a video that captured Spring2ACTion’s story, the people, the feeling, and the city.

Bright and early we met up with the Spring2ACTion team at the ACT for Alexandria Headquarters. From there I began a tour of different events throughout the city, that lasted from just after the sun rose until well after it went down.

As I was led around the city by Betsy Micklem, Act for Alexandria’s Director of Development, I quickly realized that philanthropy is something near and dear to the people of Alexandria’s hearts.

In fact, the total amount of philanthropic funds raised per capita in Alexandria often places them in the top 1% for charitable giving in the country. Met with boundless kindness at every turn, being a part of Spring2ACTion 2018 was a heartwarming and inspiring experience.

Spring2ACTion Results

On April 25, 2018, from midnight to midnight, Spring2ACTion brought in over $1.8 million from 9,438 donors to 156 participating organizations!

Spring2ACTion 2018
Spring2Action 2018 Results

Spring2ACTion was hosted by ACT for Alexandria. Since 2011, Spring2ACTion has raised more than $8 million dollars.

Spring2ACTion Leaderboards

Throughout the 24 hours, participating nonprofits with the Most Raised and Most Donors were displayed and updated in real-time on the Spring2ACTion Leaderboards.

Spring2ACTion 2018
Leaderboards for Spring2Action 2018

Topping the Spring2ACTion Leaderboards for having the Most Raised was Running Brooke with $121k raised.

Spring2ACTion 2018
Giving profile for RunningBrooke

Ranking first for having the Most Donors was Alexandria Soccer Association with 718 unique donations.

Spring2ACTion 2018
Giving profile for Alexandria Soccer Association

Spring2ACTion Video