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Online Fundraising Advice from Successful Nonprofits

Once you create your online fundraising campaign, how do you go about promoting it to ensure that it’s successful? 

As you may have noticed, our list of nonprofit champions is on the rise! Those we’ve featured on our blog are only the tip of the iceberg.  

What is your single best piece of advice for other nonprofits when it comes to launching a successful fundraising campaign?




“Create a realistic goal. Then utilize all of your resources (employees, committee members, staff, friends, family) asking them to share your information with their own friends and contacts.”

Christina from Horizon Health Services




“Ask for fundraising champions directly, teach them how to use the system, and give them plenty of support.  People are intimated by the idea of fundraising and afraid to let you down. Give them plenty of encouragement.”

Brandon from Great River Rescue




“Take the time to engage your donors in between campaigns with gratitude and they will stay engaged.”

Dick from the Live Greater Foundation




“Understand that you get out of the campaign what you put into it. You must be prepared to dedicate planning time, marketing resources and real-time campaign management efforts to make it a success.”

Marnie from Launch NY




“Take the time to prepare and find those vested in your organization, who are outside your organization, to be proponents of your campaign.”

Bubba from Ithaca Underground




“Have a clear message and story. People want to know why they should give. If available, have metrics that show the impact you are having in the community. Having a representative from outside the organization testify to the great work you do helps as well.”

Katie from United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Successful Nonprofits

“Create, plan, and use fundraising champions to reach more people.”

Lauren from Algonquin Sports for Kids



“Think of a story or hook that will get the public to want to help you and invest in your cause. And always follow up and let them see how their donation is in motion.”

Brooke from Olmstead Center for Sight




“Set the time aside to focus on your campaign while it’s happening.”

Nik from Fox Valley Literacy Council



Successful Nonprofits

“Be clear in your ask and your cause, make giving simple, and make participation fun!”

Angela from Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County



Successful Nonprofits

 “Make it really clear to your donors how their dollars will be spent by using giving levels.”

Anna from Old Sol Music hall



Successful Nonprofits

“Set a high goal, but be vigilant about reaching it.”

Jillian from Sanguine Theatre Company


Successful Nonprofits

“Plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more.”

Ashley from Franziska Racker Centers

Successful Nonprofits

“Work hard, and then work harder. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Topher Scott from Racker Rivals Big Red

Successful Noprofits

“Spread. The. Word. The more people know, the more success you’ll experience.”

Shannon from Habitat for Humanity of Tompkins and Cortland Counties


Successful Nonprofits

“Successful campaigns are ongoing, integrated, and easy to use.”

Annette from Ulysses Philomathic Library


Successful Nonprofits

“The more Fundraising Champions you can attract to your campaign, the more success your organization will have at reaching desired goals.”

Kate from Upstate Venture Connect

Successful Nonprofits

“Get excited and communicate that to your supporters!”

Sarah from Dutchess Outreach