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How to Recruit Fundraising Champions or Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

It’s been proven time and time again that fundraising champions help bring in more donations for campaigns…  

Having supporters fundraise on your nonprofit’s behalf expands your outreach to individuals within each fundraiser’s personal network and fosters friendly competition that motivates people to give.

For many nonprofits, however, the question then becomes, how do we recruit people to be our fundraising champions?

We asked some of our most successful nonprofits the following question:

How did you recruit your fundraising champions?




“The fundraising champions created their campaigns on their own. We did not ask anyone to be a champion but explained what they were if people were interested.”

Christina from Horizon Health Services




 “Fundraising champions were recruited through direct requests of volunteers and emails to organization volunteers.”

Brandon from Great River Rescue




“We usually invite board members and a few other key people.”

Dick from the Live Greater Foundation




“We engaged those who were most interested in being part of reaching out to others. We provided easy-to-follow instructions and support for our champions.”

Marnie from Launch NY




“Social media, word of mouth, friends of friends, and asks from those who have signed up for our newsletter.”

Bubba from Ithaca Underground




“We used our internal staff and board members.”

Katie from United Way of Buffalo and Erie County




“Social Media and Email outreach (personal and professional).”

Brooke from Olmstead Center for Sight




“We recruited our volunteer board members at their meeting before the campaign.”

Nik from Fox Valley Literacy Council




“We asked our board members and staff.”

Angela from Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County



Anna Old Sol MH

“We began engaging community members in personal, face-to-face conversation about how to implement our unique vision.”

Anna from Old Sol Music Hall



Jillian Robertson1

“We chose people who have supported our organization and had great connections, but maybe didn’t have the funds to provide themselves.”

Jillian from Sanguine Theatre



On GiveGab, recruiting fundraising champions is one of the steps already included when creating a campaign.

You simply click the “Add a Fundraiser” button when managing your campaign and an email editor will pop up where you can then enter the recipient’s email address, a subject, and your personalized message.

For everything you need to know about managing your campaign on GiveGab, visit our Customer Success Headquarters!


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