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Who Should You Recruit for Your Giving Day Team?

We know that successfully participating in a Giving Day can take a lot of work. That’s why assembling a Giving Day Team can be one of the best things you can do for your organization before a Giving Day!

By utilizing your most passionate supporters and getting them involved in the process, your staff not only gets a helping hand, but you have the opportunity to better engage with those people and build on your relationship together.

Here are some key supporters you may want to recruit for your Giving Day Team:

Board Members

  • Your board members likely play many different roles at your nonprofit. But one of their biggest roles is to ensure that your organization has adequate funds to achieve its mission. Participating in a Giving Day can have a profound impact on your organization financially, so having their support is essential for a successful day. 


  • Your volunteers are probably some of your most passionate supporters. They are the ones who help put your mission into action and have a direct impact on your cause. Inviting them to be a part of your Giving Day team is the perfect opportunity for them to build a better relationship with your organization and help you be more successful on the big day. Check out this blog for great assignments your volunteers can help you with!

Staff Members

(Outside of the development department)

  • Before and during a Giving Day, your development staff will likely be doing a bulk of the work, but that doesn’t mean other staff members can’t lend a hand to make sure that the day is a success! You’re all there to support your organization’s mission, and as a united team, you can have an even greater impact.

Your Most Passionate Supporters

  • Your organization likely has lots of supporters that care deeply about your organization and have shown that through previous donations, event attendance, and personal interactions. Utilizing these big supporters can help to get your other supporters even more excited to participate. Giving them a chance to have a direct impact and be a part of the team can have an immensely positive impact on your relationship. And if you’re not quite sure who your most passionate supporters are, just ask!
  • Send out an email calling out for Giving Day Ambassadors to see who wants to help you make a difference.