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GiveGab’s Quarterly Product Updates – Spring 2020

You gave us your feedback, and we listened! Check out all of our customer-inspired product updates from the last three months across our fundraising platforms!

Our Giving Day Platform 

Giving Days are online fundraising challenges that bring departments and communities together to raise awareness and funds for different initiatives.

Control the Layout of your Giving Day

With our new Landing Page Builder, you can control the layout of your Giving Day page by selecting various ‘Sections’ of the site that you would like to appear and the order of their placement. Read MoreQuarterly Product Updates

Featured in this example is CLLCTIVGIVE, taking place on August 7
in the Greater Baltimore Community.

Approve Organization Profiles

Giving Day hosts can approve individual profiles of participating organizations to ensure that correct and complete information is available before profiles are published and accessible. Read 9More

Streamline Your Donor’s Experience

We have removed the donate button from general GiveGab profiles to create a streamlined experience for donors as they will have more explicit guidance on where they should be donating on our platform. Read More

Empower Your Peer to Peer Fundraisers

Within their peer-to-peer toolkits, fundraisers will now be able to see the names of their donors who wished to remain anonymous to the public. This transparent access to their donors will allow for improved stewardship. Read More

Our Embeddable Forms 

The Enterprise Platform empowers you to create completely custom and embeddable forms for collecting donations, registrations, and RFIs (Requests For Information) integrated into your website.

Define Your Reports

Within your reports section, we have added a new column titled “TYPE” with a letter assigned to each row defining the type of information displayed. Read More

Quarterly Product Updates

Reduce Donor Errors

To reduce the chance of donors entering incorrect checking account information for an ACH payment, we have added a character limit to the ‘Routing Number’ and ‘Account Number’ for payment fields. Read More

Improve Form Submission Feedback

ARIA(Accessible Rich Internet Applications) tags were added to the main form error message for improved screen reader support and greater accessibility. Read More

GiveGab platform updates and enhancements are announced monthly and made available on the GiveGab blog.


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