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Monthly GiveGab Product Updates – March 2020 Edition

The GiveGab product team dedicates time every month to create impactful and robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite.

Let’s dive into some of the most notable updates made to our platform in March.

Giving Days

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer!) online fundraising challenges where organizations and schools come together to raise funds for different initiatives.

Site-wide Matching, the ability to create matches and challenges that will apply to all donations made during a Giving Day is now available within the partner’s dashboard!

The site-wide matching user interface makes it easy for partners to set the match criteria and identify if it applies to specific organizations, funds, support areas, or donation form survey questions.

Product Updates March

For example, if a dog food corporation wants to create matching funds for only organizations that serve as dog shelters, the partner would set the criteria to only include donations to those organizations.

Matches and Challenges are a proven way to encourage excitement and engagement around your Giving Day by increasing the impact of every donor’s gift and showcasing major donors that are making contributions to their Giving Day movement as a whole.

Styling updates have been made to the donation flow of our Giving Day sites. Instead of a dropdown list appearing when donors make a gift, they will now see toggleable tiles identifying the available payment options.

We have also removed any background color that bordered donation forms. These updates create a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for your Giving Day donors.

Product Updates March

Accessibility updates to the Giving Day application have been top-of-mind for our team. Here’s what’s new! Within the code of our Giving Day profiles, Text will begin with an <H1> as a header and then will decrease header size to <H2>,<H3>, ect., as the page continues.

This makes it clear to users using a screen viewer what the prominent information is and will assure them that they are reading through the page in the correct order.

Additionally, the text “Skip to Main Content” that appears when a user presses the “tab” key on a Giving Day site has been changed from blue to black, providing more contrast between the text and the white background.

Product Updates March

Additional Updates made to our Giving Day Platform Include:

  • Business Fundraisers can more accurately represent the percentage of giving that is happening by their employees because organization administrators are now able to attribute donations that have already been made to business fundraisers in the case a donor makes a gift but forgets to identify their employer.
  • A “Forgot your password?” link now appears for peer-to-peer fundraisers at the log-in pop up (modal) that appears on Giving Day profile once they hit the “Fundraise” button. This will make it much easier for p2p fundraisers to log in when signing up to be a fundraiser and will limit the number of duplicate user accounts created.
  • The limit of groups/support areas within a Giving Day cause or profile has been expanded to allow for up to 300. This is especially helpful for our single campaign Giving Days that promote their programs as support areas.
  • Project managers can now hardcode stats through the back-end of your Giving Day! Whether you want donations made after the 24-hour giving day to be included in results on your site, or you only want results to show for the 24-hour Giving Day even if your site accepts donations for an extended period.
  • When sharing a Support Area on social media from the back-end dashboard, organizations will now see the Support Area name appear in the post preview. In the past, the preview only shared the organization name rather than the specific Support Area name.

Community Giving

GiveGab’s Community Giving Platform allows your organization to engage with and support your entire community through year-round giving on a customized site.

New this month, our Community Giving partners will be able to see the date and time an organization last submitted their profile for approval to appear on the Community Giving site. This feature will help streamline the workflow of your approval process.

Product Updates March

Enterprise Embeddable Forms

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to create completely custom and embeddable donation, registration, and RFI (Requests For Information) forms integrated into their website.

Security is our biggest priority on GiveGab. Passwords for administrators of an organization will now need to meet more strict requirements. New or reset passwords must be 8 characters and include an uppercase and lowercase letter, a number, and a special character (e.g. !,?, or $). It is our hope that this encourages admins to create strong passwords to ensure our site is secure for all users.

Product Updates March

Updates to our GiveGab Product Offerings

During this critical time, GiveGab wants to provide you access to modern and easy-to-use digital fundraising tools at no cost! We value the support you bring to communities across the country, and our team of fundraising experts are here to help you! Here is what we are offering:

Community Giving 

GiveGab is waiving the subscription fee for our Community Giving platform for Foundations through December 31, 2020, supporting COVID-19 relief initiatives. This robust fundraising solution allows your nonprofit members to fundraise year-round through campaigns, events, and initiatives on a centralized and secure community-based website hosted and customized by your foundation!

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*Valued at $8,500+ per year, the 4% platform fee on donations not covered by donors will still apply.

Boost P2P Fundraising Suite

GiveGab is waiving the subscription fee for our p2p fundraising suite for nonprofits and schools through June 30, 2020, to support COVID-19 relief. Create a digital fundraising campaign in a matter of minutes and receive the unparalleled customer service GiveGab partners know and love. Any platform fees not covered by your donors will be donated back to you by GiveGab as part of this effort.

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*Valued at $149+ per month, the 4% platform fee on donations not covered by donors will be donated back to you courtesy of GiveGab.

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