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Margaret’s $50K for 50 Years Fundraising Campaign

Margaret Shackell, a resident of Lansing, NY, is celebrating her 50th birthday by raising $50k for 17 local charities!

She has created a website, Margaret’s 50 for 50, that shares her story and highlights the nonprofits she seeks to raise money for this year, providing visitors with an easy way to donate to the campaigns of their choice.

When you click on “List of Charities and Giving Status” you’re brought to her list of organizations with a “Make a Donation” button that brings you to each fundraising campaign.

Below is a screenshot taken from her list of charities:

50 Fundraising Campaign


If you click on any of the “Make a Donation” buttons, you’ll automatically be directed to Margaret’s fundraising campaign for that particular organization, many of which are hosted on GiveGab.  It’s pretty spectacular.

What, you might ask, is the motivation behind such a kind-hearted and selfless gesture?  Margaret shared some details about why she started this project.

A History of Philanthropy:

I think that my parents did a great job raising me as a philanthropist.  I distinctly remember my Dad writing cheques for the church and other charities, and my Mom being involved as a volunteer with many organizations.  I’ve tried to follow their example.  I’ve been really involved and have tried to donate as much as I can to various organizations.”  

Nonprofit Connections:

“I chose these 17 organizations for a few reasons.  First, they all have some kind of personal connection to me.  I’m either on the board, or attend their events, or in some other way really believe in their mission. Second, I wanted to have diversity in the choices for people to donate.  So there are not for profits that span a lot of territory: education, environment, sports, health, technology, taking care of the less fortunate, and of course, theatre ~ lots of theatre!  I’ve received really positive feedback from people who I have reached out to.”

“I’m really grateful to all who have donated thus far, and look forward to completing this challenge over the next year!”

More details on this story can be found in the article from entitled, Lansing woman turns 50 into a charity celebration.

Thank you, Margaret, for allowing us to share your story! You’re an inspiration.