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Kimbia Platform Services Now Available As GiveGab Enterprise

We’re excited to announce our continuation of Kimbia’s year-round platform services under the new name of GiveGab Enterprise!

This plan sustains all the features and functionality originally provided through the Kimbia platform, now with the added enhancement of GiveGab’s stellar customer support team.

Company status updates along with frequently asked questions following GiveGab’s acquisition of Kimbia are still available here.

Current Company Status

Following the acquisition of Kimbia, Inc. in January 2018, teams from GiveGab and Kimbia immediately began collaborating to ensure all customers continued receiving the services and support they were getting from both platforms.   

Things have been moving quickly these past few months, and we’re happy to report the successful union of our teams, growing from just around twenty employees to forty.  Check out our combined team here! 

The year-round platform services and Giving Day product initially provided by Kimbia have remained fully intact through our combined efforts, along with all the technology supplied by GiveGab – aside from our regular product improvements.  

Moving Forward

Kimbia Platform Services:  The year-round platform services formerly offered through Kimbia will remain available indefinitely to all current users and anyone interested in this product in the future through a plan called GiveGab Enterprise.

This plan includes the same everyday giving, peer-to-peer, and event features formerly offered by Kimbia, with the option to select features based on the needs of your organization.

Kimbia Platform Services

More About GiveGab Enterprise

Not only is this technology still available, but we’ve been able to enhance this service through the addition of GiveGab’s state of the art customer support, known as our Customer Success team or #SuccessChat. 

GiveGab’s Co-founder and COO, Aaron Godert, had this to say about the company transition:

Combining our efforts as a collaborative team has allowed us to see the magnitude of the software and set things in motion to provide a broader array of plan options for organizations of all sizes.

Kimbia Giving Days:  After assessing both Giving Day products from Kimbia and GiveGab, we decided that effective in June 2018, there will no longer be Giving Day events launched through Kimbia’s technology, and Giving Days will only be powered by GiveGab moving forward. 

More About GiveGab Giving Days

We’re excited for this opportunity to continue providing the year-round products and services formerly offered by Kimbia, thereby expanding our range of GiveGab offerings and furthering our mission to create more happy nonprofits!

Have questions for us?  Use the blue chat bubble (i.e., #SuccessChat) in the right-hand corner of your screen or visit our support center