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Improving Your Community Through Volunteerism

When people become involved in their communities they take ownership of the problems facing all residents.  Community engagement is about people working and learning together, gaining strength from each other and sharing visions and actions that lead to a common goal.  Volunteering is a great way to begin your community journey.

Instead of viewing ourselves as individuals in a given neighborhood or city we need to begin thinking of ourselves as participants in a bigger story.  To learn more about the story of your community you have to reach out to those that are deeply involved and learn how they are trying to create change that benefit all.  The more engaged you become the more opportunities you have to help create the narrative that defines your turf.


This month we’ll be sharing volunteer ideas that help to bolster your community and make us all more aware of how we are all inter-dependent.  Recognizing that none of us walks alone WILL make us better citizens.

If you have stories you’d like to share about how you’ve helped to create your community’s narrative, please post a Reflection on