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5 Ways Donor Stewardship and GiveGab go Hand in Hand

After establishing the importance of donor stewardship for the success of your nonprofit, it’s time to put that philosophy into action.

Along with our free guide to donor stewardship, here are five ways supporter relationship maintenance and GiveGab go hand-in-hand:

1. Built-In Storytelling

Your campaign story should inform and inspire your supporters while also reflecting your nonprofit’s stewardship philosophy.

Consider including your supporters as part of your campaign story and make it clear that they’re a necessary part of your nonprofit’s capacity to thrive!

Donor Stewardship

You can use our storytelling template to help you with this, along with our guide on how to make your donors feeling like heroes of your fundraising efforts.

Learn how to Tell Your Story on GiveGab:

‘Tell Your Story’ step on GiveGab’s campaign builder



2. Customizable ‘Thank You’ Message

Part of maintaining strong relationships with your supporters is showing genuine, timely, and regular donor appreciation. A “thank you” message following an online donation should be standard practice.

On GiveGab, creating a Custom ‘Thank You’ message is a step you’re prompted to take during the campaign creation process.

Donor Stewardship

Learn how to create a Custom Thank You message on GiveGab:

‘Custom Thank You’ step on GiveGab’s campaign builder

3. Status Updates Feature

With the Status Updates feature, you can create customized messages tailored to help keep your supporters informed about the current status of a campaign.

You’ll be prompted to include an inspiring photo with your updates as well – to really show your supporters the impact of what’s going on within your organization.

These updates will appear on your campaign wall, and email notifications will automatically be sent to anyone already involved with your campaign.Donor Stewardship

Learn more about Status Updates on GiveGab:

‘Status Updates’ step on GiveGab’s campaign builder

4. Customizable Donation Levels

Donation levels (also called donation tiers) let your donors know what a set amount of money will help pay for.

This falls under the umbrella of donor stewardship because it allows transparency around where donation money is being spent before a donation is made!

This also helps to establish trust and confidence in your organization. Shown below are the donation levels for a past campaign on GiveGab called, Pets Alive:  Caring for the Animals.

Donor Stewardship

With donation levels, not only do supporters get a clear answer to what their donation money is going to pay for, but they also get to see who or what they’re helping!Donor Stewardship

Learn how to create Donation Levels on GiveGab:

‘Donation Levels’ step on GiveGab’s campaign builder


5. Peer-to-Peer Features

The final step to creating your campaign is adding your personal peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraisers and/or team fundraisers who will raise funds on your nonprofit’s behalf.

Having this functionality is extremely helpful for boosting your donations, but it can also be beneficial to your stewardship program!

Peer-to-peer and team fundraising have been shown to foster a greater sense of connection and relationship-building amongst nonprofit supporters, resulting in a stronger connection to their mission.

Learn how to add Fundraisers on GiveGab:

Donor Stewardship

‘Fundraisers’ step on GiveGab’s campaign builder




As you can see, GiveGab isn’t just for online fundraising; it’s also for relationship-building.  Utilize the tools mentioned above and see the difference it makes with your supporters!

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