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How to make your Fundraisers FEEL like the Champions they are!

Here at GiveGab we truly believe a campaign’s success is strongly tied to the success of the Fundraising Champions.

And yes, we call them Fundraising Champions, because they ARE Champions. They are the face of your campaign, generating a grassroots effort around it, pulling in friends and family members and then their friends and family members to create a web of giving all towards your cause.

Without fundraising champions, a campaign can quickly fizzle out after the initial ask, but with highly motivated fundraising champions your campaign can take off and continue to soar!

So how can you motivate your champions and ensure they’re successful? We’ve put together a list of ideas to motivate your champions before, during, and after your campaign:

Before the Campaign

Thank them for signing up to be a Fundraising Champion: Just like you thank your volunteers, thank your Fundraising Champions!

Hold a training session: Your Fundraising Champions are passionate for your organization but they might not be skilled in fundraising – so teach them! Hold a training session to go over best practices and show them how they can be successful.

Have a pre-campaign kick-off event: Get the excitement going! If you’re excited about the campaign, your fundraising champions (and by extension, your supporters!) will be excited – and more motivated during the campaign!

During the Campaign

Give encouragement along the way: Send messages to your Champions along the way. Just reminding them that you’re thankful of what they’re doing can go a long way!

Check in with them to make sure they have what they need to be successful: You might realize that one of your champions hasn’t made a whole lot of progress on their campaign. Check in with them – they might be stuck and too afraid to ask!

Give them regular updates: Send updates at major milestones on how the campaign is doing to keep your Fundraisers motivated (maybe at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% funded!).

Celebrate their accomplishments along the way: If you see that someone reached their goal (or a major milestone – like 50%), celebrate them! Tag them in a post on Facebook or Twitter or include them on your newsletter to your supporters.

Introduce some friendly competition: A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! And it will motivate everyone to want to beat each other’s totals all for a good cause!

After the Campaign

Personally thank them for their support: Send them a handwritten thank you note or give them a call to personally thank them for all their hard work.

Have an end of campaign party: And honor your Fundraising Champions! Present them with certificates of appreciation and thank them for their hard work.

Provide prizes for top fundraisers: Something as simple as movie tickets can show your Fundraising Champions you truly appreciate them!

Are you having an event at the end – like a Gala, Golf Tournament, etc,? Honor all of your fundraisers for their help at the event. It doesn’t have to be a grand ordeal – invite them to attend and acknowledge their help towards your successful campaign!

What have you done to motivate your fundraisers?

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