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How Can Volunteering Improve Your Health?

Most people don’t realize that volunteering is good for your health. Studies indicate that that people who volunteer not only experience psychological well being, but improved physical health as well.

Research from the Corporation for National Community Service shows that volunteerism helps your physical health in the following ways:

  1. Volunteers feel less depressed:  By being involved in activities where you are interacting with others, you are less likely to feel alone and depressed.
  2. Volunteers feel healthier:  By getting out and about, you are physically and socially active.
  3. Volunteering can promote better life choices:  Those that get involved in 5ks, bike events or work in community gardens tend to have a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Volunteering promotes social and mental activity:  Research has shown that this sort of activity can slow the onset of dementia and even lower the rate of mortality.


To get all the healthy benefits of volunteering, it’s most important that you are volunteering for the right reasons, that you enjoy what you do and that you participate in your chosen activity on a consistent basis.

Stayed tuned for specific volunteer activities that benefit your health.  

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