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Make the Most of Your Giving Day with Wealth Analytics

After successfully running your Giving Day, bringing heightened awareness and donations to your member nonprofits, what do you do next? How can you ensure that your nonprofits leverage the hard work from their Giving Day participation to make the most effective impact year-round?

3 Strategies to Amplify Your Giving Day Efforts:

  1. Promotions: The most successful Giving Days empower their nonprofit participants to rally their supporters through promotions in a variety of marketing mediums (i.e., email outreach, social media campaigns, local advertising, and more). Promotions should take place leading up to, during, and following the Giving Day event. 
  2. Advanced Donor Insights: To leverage the momentum of your Giving Day for year-round impact, you need to gain important insights about your donors to help inform how you conduct your outreach for meaningful cultivation. By using Windfall’s wealth analytics report, you’ll get immediate feedback on all your Giving Day supporters. 
  3. Strategic Engagement: Use Windfall’s wealth data and other triggers to prioritize your donors and engage with them. Find hidden gems that your nonprofits can send to their major gifts team.

Windfall Partnership

Windfall’s data is offered on a subscription basis, with no limits to the number of records or data refreshes you can access annually. By screening donor data from GiveGab and other sources via Windfall, you can immediately find out more about your highest value prospects, enhancing the long-term potential value of your newly acquired Giving Day donors.

As people lean more heavily on virtual giving, it is more important than ever to help your nonprofits build connections with their constituents. Use GiveGab to host a world-class Giving Day and Windfall to get immediate feedback on those who donated, so your nonprofits can make the most of their Giving Day efforts.


Windfall Partnership