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Giving Day for North Central Florida, The Amazing Give 2017, Raises Over $850K

On March 29th through March 30th from 6 pm to 6 pm, seventy-five nonprofit organizations from throughout North Central Florida participated in a 24-hour giving celebration, The Amazing Give 2017.

The Amazing Give was established by Community Foundation of North Central Florida with the goal of building a stronger community.Amazing Give 2017

This Giving Day brought in over $850,000 from 3,551 donors to 75 nonprofits!

Amazing Give 2017

Although this was a 24-hour giving challenge, donations continued to come in beyond the day.

Throughout the Giving Day, participating nonprofits with the Most Raised and Most Donors were continually updated and showcased on The Amazing Give Leaderboards.

Amazing Give 2017
The Amazing Give 2017 Leaderboard Results

Topping the Leaderboards with the Most Raised was The Einstein School, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children “learn to read and succeed” with over $21,600 received in 24 hours.

Amazing Give 2017

This organization’s giving profile had donation tiers to help donors know where their donation money would be going, as well as the help of fundraising champions that served to raise additional funds for the day!

Amazing Give 2017
Donation Tiers from The Einstien School’s giving profile

Topping The Amazing Give Leaderboards with the Most Donors was the Alachua Humane Society, a nonprofit with a mission to “end euthanasia of companion animals in Alachua County” had 337 donors on the Giving Day.

Amazing Give 2017

This nonprofit also used the power of donation tiers to put the power in their donor’s hands and also had matches to help inspire giving!

Amazing Give 2017
Donation Tiers from Alachua Humane Society’s giving profile
From all of us at GiveGab, congratulations to North Central Florida on a successful Giving Day!  We’re looking forward to celebrating with you in 2018!


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