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Explore GiveGab’s Newest Giving Day Features

At GiveGab, we use customer feedback to inform product updates and feature enhancements.  Our mission is to make the user experience the best it can be – both for our clients and their supporters.

Having launched our first Giving Day in 2015, we have since powered hundreds more! These 24-hour fundraising events are commonly launched by community foundations, United Ways, cause-based nonprofits, and higher education institutions to help further their missions and drive engagement.

Organizations hosting a Giving Day powered by GiveGab receive top-notch support as our valued partners in philanthropy! This includes unlimited customer support from product experts, strategy development, educational materials and training sessions, and a 100% uptime guarantee. In addition, any organization hosting a Giving Day can seamlessly set up year-round crowdfunding through GiveGab to manage all their upcoming campaigns and events!

An overview of all our Giving Day partners can be found here.

Giving Day Features

New GiveGab Giving Day Features Include:

Business Fundraisers

  • Businesses can create fundraising pages to raise money for the Giving Day to promote employee giving (Premium Feature)
  • Giving Day administrators can now create surveys for their business fundraisers
Giving Day Features
Example of Business Fundraisers Leaderboard from Big Give (SA)

Free Agent Fundraising (Coming  Soon!)

  • Supporters of the Giving Day can choose to Become a Fundraiser without having to choose a department /organization
  • This feature allows a supporter to create a page as a fundraiser similar to a business fundraiser

Some Standard Giving Day Features Include:

Enjoyable User Experience

  • Beautiful and flexible user interface tailored to your needs
  • Customizable nonprofit profiles allowing each participant to truly tell their story
  • Optimized for a mobile experience to look great on any platform and device

Modern Giving Options

  • Modern payment mechanisms including ApplePay and Plaid
  • The Gift Basket feature allows supporters to give to multiple organizations at once
  • Saved payment feature makes it so donors don’t have to re-enter their information for multiple gifts
  • Giving Day Donation Widget to make giving a seamless experience

Gamified Giving Experience

  • Peer-to-peer and team-based crowdfunding seamlessly integrated
  • Real-time Leaderboards, Stats, & Countdowns to Drive Gamification and Participation
  • Real-time Matching and Challenges Optional for Each Participant
  • Real-time Prize Announcements & Allocations

Advanced Organization and Tracking

  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Easy gift processing back into Donor Management CRM systems for giving day hosts and nonprofits
  • Offline gift capabilities for the Giving Day host and each participating nonprofit / department 

Check out all our Giving Day Features here.

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