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GiveGab Summer Retreat 2017: Helping Good Nonprofits Become Great Nonprofits

At GiveGab, our core mission is to create more happy nonprofits by providing them with a product they love, the support they deserve, and the tools they need to improve their fundraising and engagement efforts.

As a follow-up to our winter retreat, team GiveGab retreated deep into the Finger Lakes countryside from August 14-17. We came together to reaffirm our goals and values, but most importantly to leverage the bright and innovative minds at GiveGab through interdepartmental exercises that would allow us to come up with ways to improve our ability to help nonprofits shine through product and process.

This retreat revolved around our three primary values:

GiveGab Summer Retreat 2017

1. Customer Love Drives Us

We are obsessed with customer service, which is why we have an in-house “Customer Success” team dedicated to helping GiveGab users succeed.

We are not just a tech company – we’re in the business of helping our Giving Day partners and nonprofits be great at what they do.

Below is a video from our Giving Day Leaders Forum where some of our Giving Day partners shared their experiences working with our team and our product!



2. Team Culture is our Foundation

During this summer retreat, each team at GiveGab (Customer Success, Project Management, Marketing, Inside Sales, and Product) led company-wide drills to learn from and better understand each other.

Our philosophy is that the more we can help each other as a team, the more we can help our customers!

GiveGab Summer Retreat 2017

3. We Walk the Walk

Team GiveGab consists of volunteers, donors, fundraisers, and general nonprofit advocates.  We encourage others to support the great work of nonprofits by supporting them ourselves, as individuals and as a team.

This also plays a major role in how we have developed and continue to develop our product and services to better meet the needs of our nonprofit users.

We’re also committed to handling all nonprofit and donor support for the Giving Days we launch, which is as good for us as it is for our partners.

We strongly believe that the more we can help fundraise for and manage nonprofit campaigns, the better we’ll be at providing a beneficial service to our users.

The Takeaway

Discussions and activities during this retreat helped to further instill our mission to continue providing an affordable product that allows nonprofits to easily raise the money and overall support they need to continue their important work.

At the beginning of our retreat, we watched an inspiring Ted Talk hosted by popular fundraiser and activist Dan Pallotta called The way we think about charity is dead wrong, to get us all thinking about the value of helping nonprofit organizations thrive in a culture that makes it nearly impossible for the majority of them to do so.  

If you haven’t already seen this talk, we encourage you to watch it here.  Enjoy!  


To learn more about the GiveGab team, visit Our Story page or reach out to us via our chat bubble to say hello!