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GiveGab Product Updates Page Keeps Users Informed

GiveGab Product Updates Page

GiveGab strives to keep users informed about platform enhancements, updates, and new features, as they become available.

Our technology has always evolved with the needs and aspirations of our users. GiveGab wouldn’t be what it is today without their feedback.

Product Manager, Denis Tomazzi, manages GiveGab’s Product Updates page.

“It’s exciting to share improvements to GiveGab’s technology and new features with our partners and users!”

-Denis Tomazzi

GiveGab Product Updates
Product Manager, Denis Tomazzi

About The Product Updates Page

The Product Updates page is where GiveGab shares recent changes to the web platform (for events, campaigns, etc.) and the Giving Day platform. Its purpose is to inform users of new releases and is typically updated every week, but larger development projects may take about two weeks.

Preview of a GiveGab campaign:

GiveGab Product Updates Page
Web Platform

Preview of a GiveGab Giving Day site: 

GiveGab Product Updates Page
Giving Day Platform


What Updates Include

Each article contains one week of releases with brief descriptions separated into two sections:  Web platform and Giving Day platform.

“My favorite recent product updates highlight how users now have the ability to create embeddable widgets for campaigns, events, and giving days all under the same tab on their dashboard.”

-Denis Tomazzi

GiveGab Product Updates Page

Feature Requests

If you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement, we want to hear about it!

GiveGab Product Updates Page

Chat in to our Customer Success Team via the little blue chat bubble at the bottom of any GiveGab page. Your suggestion will be reviewed and brought to the Product Team’s attention. If you’re one of our Giving Day partners, please share requests with your dedicated Project Managers.

Chat Bubble


Check the Product Updates page often to stay current on changes to GiveGab! And visit our Support Center for more helpful resources. 

“We greatly appreciate each and every product request we receive. Users are the most important driver of the changes we make to the platform. Our goal is to make fundraising professionals’ lives easier by keeping GiveGab as useful a tool as possible!”

-Denis Tomazzi