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GiveGab Partners with Windfall to Help Connect Organizations with Affluent Donors

Designed to make fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective, GiveGab’s suite of products gives organizations a variety of benefits, including elevated awareness, increased donor support, and strengthened community engagement. We partner with a variety of vendors to help further our mission of helping fundraising professionals be great at their jobs.

GiveGab has partnered with Windfall to help organizations leverage meaningful donor insights and focus their outreach. Windfall, The Modern Wealth Intelligence Platform, gives organizations the ability to identify, understand, and engage affluent donors.

Windfall Partnership

For your fundraising efforts, Windfall can help you with:

Prioritization: Windfall provides precise net worth estimates for affluent households, not just a score or range. From lists of newly acquired donors from Giving Days, identify your wealthiest donors and prospects to prioritize your next major gift candidates.

Segmentation: Uncover hidden wealth by segmenting your existing donors and prospects to help convert “hidden gems” – current donors with high net wealth that could be giving more.

Engagement: Aside from wealth, Windfall also provides 30+ “triggers” to give greater insights around household wealth. Triggers include Multiple property ownership, Trusts, a recent move or divorce, and many more.

Windfall Partnership

Windfall’s data is offered on a subscription basis, with no limits to the number of records or data refreshes you can access annually. By screening donor data from GiveGab and other sources via Windfall, you can immediately find out more about your highest value prospects, enhancing the long term potential value of your newly acquired Giving Day donors.

Your access to Windfall will continue throughout the year, so you can continue to screen donor data from GiveGab (& other sources) with your unlimited Windfall subscription.

You can get started by running a free Wealth Analytics Report with Windfall with your GivingTuesday donors and understand what kind of wealth you can unlock today! Find out more below.


Windfall Partnership