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GiveGab Gives: Talking the Talk AND Walking the Walk

In November, the GiveGab team was honored with the Corporate Philanthropist of the Year Award by the Finger Lakes Chapter of the Association for Fundraising Professionals. It’s an award the GiveGab team is pretty darn proud of, so we knew we would have to do something special with the awesome glass goblet we were awarded.

Over the last few weeks the team has thrown around a bunch of ideas for what to fill the award with like candy, stickers and even cheese! But as tempting as those ideas were (especially the cheese…) we quickly realized the answer to our query was right in front of us…

This award represents all of the great things GiveGab has done to give back to so many incredible nonprofits in our community. So, we want to use the award to do just that!

Introducing… GiveGab Gives!!

As a Nonprofit Giving Platform, we love supporting such amazing nonprofits every day, so it’s time to show that our team not only talks the talk, but walks the walk too!

Starting this month, members of the GiveGab team will be be filling our lovely AFP award with cold hard cash… our cold cash to be more specific. Then, at the end of the month, all of the money contributed by our team will be given to a local nonprofit.

But, with so many awesome organizations in our community, how will we decide who the money goes to every month? Yep, you guessed it, we’re going to compete for it!

GiveGab Gives

Each month members of the GiveGab team will face off in a friendly competition, with a different competition every month, the winner then deciding which lucky nonprofit will receive our combined contribution.

Our first monthly competition will be a FOOSBALL FACE OFF! With the chance to choose the winning nonprofit and bragging rights at stake, there’s no doubt this is going to be a heated competition.

So stay tuned to find out which lucky nonprofits will reap the rewards of GiveGab Gives!



GiveGab Gives

On 12/18/2015, we held our first GiveGab Gives office competition.  With a slight change in plans (as we didn’t yet have our foosball table in working order), we played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock in a battle of the Sheldonest!

It was a rough competition, with a 3-way tie that needed to be spocked or lizarded…But in the end, our CTO and co-founder, Aaron, prevailed as champion and he chose to donate our combined contribution to Foodnet Meals on Wheels of Ithaca, NY!

Who will be next month’s giving champion???…