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6 Reasons P2P Fundraising Suite is the Ideal Solution for Nonprofits

GiveGab’s P2P Fundraising Suite offers many useful features that are scalable to suit the needs of your organization. The best part? … This self-service fundraising solution allows you to easily and quickly spin up as many campaigns or events as your heart desires! (Although we do advise focusing on one campaign at a time so you can maximize efforts and achieve the best possible results. )

Here are 5 ways GiveGab gives fundraising professionals the capacity they need:

1. Campaigns and Events

Running Campaigns and Events is a fundamental part of fundraising, and online giving is essential for success! Online campaigns allow your organization to connect with new and returning donors while letting them know about your greatest needs. It can also be a place where supporters can easily find information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities that your organization is hosting.

All organizations that use the P2P Fundraising Suite have the capacity to launch unlimited campaigns and events! Let’s break down the difference between the two.

  • Fundraising Campaigns allow you to tell your story, including visuals, video, and donation levels.
  • Fundraising Events are campaigns that involve an in-person or virtual event; examples include 5Ks, walks, bikeathons, comedy shows, galas. Customize your registration form, sell swag, track registrants all from your GiveGab Dashboard.
Below is an example of the SPCA of Tompkins County’s annual March For the Animals event. Within the screengrab, you can see that this organization added text images to describe the event, included metrics around their progress, including documents that could be easily downloaded by attendees, and offered a registration form.

2021-07-01 at 2.17 PM

2. Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

With P2P Fundraising Suite, you will also get unlimited Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising, which means limitless opportunities to increase your donor base and donations!

Peer-to-Peer fundraising allows your supporters to fundraise on behalf of your organization by creating a “mini-campaign” that champions your cause. Your fundraisers will have their own personal fundraising page tied to your campaign or event where they can set their own goals, share their personal stories, and easily manage their page on GiveGab.

Additionally, your P2P fundraisers can come together and create fundraising teams to further extend their impact on your organization.

FUN(draising) FACT: On average, each P2P Fundraiser brings in 4 new donors to your organization.

3. Campaign Tracking and Reporting

It is important that organizations fundraising on GiveGab have a clear understanding of the progress that their campaign or event is making at every stage. Within your dashboard, you will see analytics tied to your event including the number of gifts that have been made, peer-to-peer fundraisers that have been created, and registration forms that were completed. The dashboard also shows analytical information around your campaign including the percentage of fees that were covered as well as

After your organization has received donations on GiveGab (yay! ) you’ll be able to download a comprehensive report of all your donation and donor information! From this report, you will also see a breakdown of when your organization can expect to see a payout for these gifts that will be deposited directly into your bank account.

GiveGab’s donation report makes thanking your donors incredibly easy and effective. With the information provided, you can personalize your messages throughout the year to retain donors as lifelong supporters.  See more on donor stewardship below in Number 5.

4. Embeddable Donation Options

Unlimited FundraisingMake it easy for your supporters to make gifts to your campaign through an embeddable donation button. This pop-up donation form can be embedded directly on your website making sure that all gifts made through your site are attributed to your campaign or event.

For donors who are used to visiting your website or those who may be unaware of your current campaign, the embedded donation form ensures that gifts made through your site are included in your campaign totals and in your donation report! This ensures ease for your donors and for you as an adminstrator.

5. Automated Stewardship

Donor stewardship is what turns new donors into repeat donors, and repeat donors into long-time supporters. While a donor stewardship strategy is essential to retain donors, it is often an overlooked piece of the fundraising process. With GiveGab’s P2P Fundraising Suite, we keep donor stewardship at the forefront of your campaigns with built-in and automated functionality.

Your thank you messages can be customized with text, photos, and videos for each individual campaign or event that you host. This message is sent via email automatically and immediately after a donor gives to show them gratitude and to alleviate work on your end. While we encourage administrators to follow up with personalized thank you messages and communications throughout the year, this initial and immediate thank you is a great way to begin a strong relationship with your donors!

6. GG Chat

2021-07-01 at 1.55 PM

When you fundraise through GiveGab, your organization and its donors, have World-Class Support at Your Fingertips!

GG Chat is GiveGab’s automated help center and educational database, providing unparalleled support to anyone fundraising or donating through the platform.

This service is powered by GiveGab’s passionate and talented team of Customer Success Champions through our exclusive integration with Intercom.

With GG Chat, you can talk directly with an expert in real-time to discuss any questions you have around your campaign or event. Whether you are looking for instructions to download your donation report or want someone to offer best practices and feedback on your page, we are here to offer support (and maybe an emoji or two)!

Whether your goal is monetary, donor-based, supporter-based, or volunteer-based, GiveGab has the features, support, and tools to help you succeed!