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How to Keep Your Donors Engaged Year Round

Engaging nonprofit supporters throughout the year might seem like a lot of interaction, but doing so strategically and meaningfully will actually bring your supporters closer to you and your mission!

Think about any important relationship in your life and you’ll find that maintenance is key.  Those you are closest to probably have a good idea of how you like to be engaged with and show respect for your preferences. And, of course, you do the same for them!

This helps foster respect and appreciation in relationships, allowing them to be sustained for the long haul.

This is the same approach you, as a nonprofit administrator, should be taking with your supporters.  Sustained relationships, or what you could call donor stewardship or retention, is what successful nonprofits are made of!

For Effective Donor Engagement…

We’ve created an eBook that goes more deeply into 6 components of effective supporter engagement for nonprofits to implement throughout the year:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Donor Retention
  2. Using Effective Modes of Engagement
  3. Following a Strategy to Attract New Donors
  4. Implementing a Strategy to Retain Donors
  5. Delighting Your Current Donors
  6. Creating Lifelong Supporters

Effectively engaging with your donors throughout the year involves first understanding the importance of donor stewardship and retention, then utilizing various modes of supporter engagement, and finally having a strategy for attracting, retaining and delighting your donors.  

Done collaboratively, this is what fosters lifelong supporters!

Engage Nonprofit Supporters