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Earn the Mother’s Little Helper Badge for Your Trophy Case on GiveGab!

Give a helping hand by volunteering now through May 21st, and be rewarded for your efforts with the Mother’s Little Helper badge from GiveGab.

GiveGab Challenges are stimulating experiences that allow you to engage with your community and earn badges.  Some will be right up your alley, while others may require you to develop skills that will prove useful in other areas of your life.

Mother's Little Helper

You have a mother, know a mother, or are a mother.  Whatever the case may be, this is the week to do something special to honor all of the mothers out there.

How do you earn your badge? It’s simple.

  1. Join the challenge.
  2. Complete the steps.
  3. Volunteer and log your hours between May 7-21, 2014.
  4. The Mother’s Little Helper badge will appear in your trophy case!

Visit and get started today!  Stay tuned for the upcoming Hot Fun in the Summertime Challenge in June and others throughout the year.