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Donor Address Collection and More Updates on GiveGab

Our GiveGab team is all about innovation, improvement, and above all, accommodation to the requests of our nonprofit clients.  We strive to make the happiness of our customers our very first priority in everything that we do, which is why we’ve made several updates in the past month and have many more in the works as we speak…or type…what have you.

January 2016 GiveGab Product Updates

 Collect Donor Addresses

We have some great news for our GiveGab users. We just recently added one of the most requested features since we’ve added fundraising!

….wait for it….

You can now collect addresses and phone numbers from your donors! 

Yep, that’s right, you can get these juicy details from your donors, so you can send them a nice holiday card, or a popcorn tin, or maybe a dog….no, wait, please don’t send animals in the mail. You can turn this on and off for your general donation form. You can run your campaigns with or without it, in case you’d like to run a more streamlined one. It also works for event registrations, so you don’t need to build it out in your questionnaire; you only need to check a box when setting up your event.

So go forth and check those boxes, collect those addresses, and send those thank you cards…just don’t send any animals…

Donor Adress


 Engagement Tab

More exciting news. We made some improvements to our “Engagement” tab on an organization’s admin dashboard. You can now see how much each of your supporters has volunteered, donated, or fundraised at a quick glance. You can now also bestow adminship to one of them by simply clicking the key icon.

Donor Address
givegab engagement tab


 Beta Product

Closely related to our “Engagement” tab, we are working on a new product within GiveGab to help you further track your supporters’ engagement. We’ve built a profile for each of them that you can view from your admin dashboard. Right now it’s in beta and we’d like some folks to help us test it out. If you’d like to participate, please send us an email at  

givegab engagement profile
givegab engagement profile


 Closed Groups

We’ve also added the ability to set your organization to be ‘closed’, meaning you would first need to approve a supporter before they are added to your group. We’ve also added a better way to manage requests to join your group by adding a place where you can either “approve” or “deny” them on your Supporters’ page.

 New WYSIWYG Editor

A new WYSIWYG editor has been added to campaigns. This one is a lot easier to use, it handles images better, and you can edit the HTML if you’re feeling courageous!

givegab's new WYSIWYG editor
givegab’s new WYSIWYG editor


 Campaign Coaching Emails

When you’re running a campaign, you’ll now receive some helpful tips, reminders, and updates via email. This is to help you be as successful as possible!

givegab campaign check-in emails
GiveGab campaign check-in emails



These are just some of the highlights that have been added to GiveGab in the past month or so. We’re also currently busy working on some event management improvements and a better admin dashboard design.  

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