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White Label Donation Forms for Higher Education and K-12 Schools

Educational institutions of all sizes, from k-12 to the largest public and private universities, make security their top priority. This extends to a school’s website, especially when it also serves to collect donations and personal information. 

Fortunately, access to secure and easy-to-navigate forms for collecting information on your school’s website is within reach with GiveGab’s Enterprise Platform


GiveGab’s embeddable white-label forms communicate information securely over HTTPS and TLS 1.2+. Every donor is provided this level of security when making donations on our customer’s websites.

Customers need only one existing webpage for even very complex interactions with multiple options. No matter where the widget is installed, all widget communication is entirely secure

We provide the highest level of security and maintain PCI Level 1 Compliance to ensure donors feel safe when giving online and that their information is protected.

White Label  & Fully Customizable 

Enterprise forms take on the styling of the page they’re embedded into and don’t reveal any information about the technology behind them. In other words, they’re YOUR forms with YOUR branding – period. 

Donation Forms Higher Education

Complement and Strengthen Your Giving Day Initiatives  

GiveGab has established itself as the number one fundraising platform for Giving Days across education institutions and community foundations alike. Crowdfunding and year-round donation collection through your own website are additional tools GiveGab offers with the same modern and secure technology you’d expect! 

Here at GiveGab, we understand that each of our partner’s giving initiatives and goals is unique to their individual organizations. That’s why, through our Giving Day platform, we pride ourselves on listening attentively to your needs and supporting your goals. Because of you, we’ve developed key industry insights, and offer world-class customer service

What if you could take advantage of this flexibility and support for all of your other every day giving initiatives?

GiveGab’s Enterprise platform helps you to create unlimited donation forms, registration forms, and RFI forms that exist right on your website. Our patented technology has the flexibility that you require to ask your donor for the information you need, the way you want to ask them.

The forms are completely embedded into your site— seamlessly copying your branding and style–  while maintaining the highest level of PCI credit card security. Not only that, you have the same great GiveGab customer support team behind you, available to assist with any questions you have along the way. 

Curious to learn if GiveGab’s Enterprise form is right for you? Let’s see if it’s a good fit!

You’ve enjoyed working with GiveGab, and wish you had that same Giving Day relationship and support from all of your vendors.

Our Net Promoter Score is considered “World Class” at 82, which means that our customers love us as much as we love them. Our team will give you a personal, one-on-one onboarding and train you along the way so you feel comfortable managing Enterprise on your own. When you’re up and running, you can feel secure knowing that we’re monitoring the system 24 x 7 x 365, and our support team will always be available to you via chat and email.

You’ve probably noticed that your current “pop-up” donation windows are not customizable, do not match your branding, and produce limited reporting templates. 

Enterprise provides fully customizable, unlimited forms that you can personalize and design however you’d like. The form will automatically take on the basic styling from your site, and you have the freedom to design in whatever styles you prefer through CSS and HTML!

Donors stay on your site while making donations; there isn’t a pop-up or redirect that needs to happen in order for your donor to give.

On the back end, we’ll equip you with equally robust reporting and admin views, so you always have what you need. Our Enterprise platform integrates with Google Analytics, so we provide the data you need to drive your donor insights!

You’ve experienced frustration with using one product that doesn’t do anything well.

Let’s face it – having one product to manage multiple tasks can sometimes make things easier, but it also sometimes means that functionality suffers. Your initiatives are not one size fits all, and it’s time to stop using products that pretend they do.

When you choose GiveGab as your technology partner for both Giving Days and year-round giving, you can enjoy multiple products that do what they do best, with the same support experience to back all of your initiatives!

Interested in learning more about GiveGab’s Enterprise platform? Contact us for a personal demo and to hear more about how we can help you even more!