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What Customer Feedback Means to GiveGab

Happy New Year, friends! The Customer Success team is really looking forward to 2021 and helping our partners and nonprofits run successful Giving Day events and crush their fundraising goals!

I wanted to share something with all of you that we’re incredibly proud of here at GiveGab: our Net Promoter Score (NPS). Every quarter, we solicit feedback from our Giving Day partners, and our most recent quarterly NPS is 84!

NPS is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others on a scale of 0-10.

NPS Customer Feedback

Scores can range anywhere from -100 to +100. Any score above zero means that more people are happy with you than not. To calculate NPS, you subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. Learn more about Why NPOs Benefit From Software that Utilizes Net Promoter Score

Here are some incredible comments that we’ve received in just the last month from our partners: 

“We’ve worked with GiveGab now for two years and each year it just gets better and better. They are responsive, knowledgeable, willing to go the distance, and honestly just all-around great people to work with. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

“I just feel like GiveGab went above and beyond with helping us every step of our Giving Day even when we had a very quick turnaround. The level of support and our project manager’s support was just top notch. It helped make our Giving Day event extremely successful.”

“GiveGab stands by their product and their commitment to customer service and community involvement. 100% of GiveGab staff are dedicated to the service they provide to their clientele!! They are exceptional!!”

“I have been very impressed with GiveGab’s product, but, beyond that, I have been blown away by the care and consideration shown by everyone I’ve worked with. Keep it up.”

Of course, we love the comments where our partners give us kudos, but we also recognize that it’s also the constructive feedback that helps us grow and learn: 

“I love the GiveGab team! Best customer service, best team-centric work, best support. I am always pleased (amazed) by the initiative each team member takes in getting answers, pulling data, and going the extra mile to help our internal Giving Day team. The only reason I don’t give a full 10/10 is because of the platform – I do wish there was more opportunity for customization. Otherwise, I am happy ”

“Some more customization at the p2p level would be great such as deadlines or something that would allow for different goals beyond just amount. Also challenges related to number or gifts rather than donors and $. A few things here and there, but overall happy.”

To our friends that left these comments, we hear you. We appreciate your feedback more than you know. Soliciting feedback is more than just asking someone to rate us, and this is only one of the many ways we collect insights from our partners. We take these comments back to internal meetings and review them with our Product teams.

By discussing the feedback we receive and finding ways to implement these changes to the platform, we can better achieve our mission of making it incredibly easy for fundraisers to be great at their jobs. 

“When we are taking in feedback from our partners and their organizations, we can be confident that any improvements to our platform will make a real difference in the success of their days.”– Denis, Product Manager. Learn more about how we strive to make fundraising on GiveGab Easy, Enjoyable, and Effective.