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CUNY Creates University-Wide Giving Movement on #CUNYTUESDAY 2016

On November 29, 2016, in collaboration with #GivingTuesday, the 24 colleges that make up the City University of New York (CUNY) came together for a university-wide giving movement called #CUNYTUESDAY 2016.

“Support the CUNY American Dream Machine” was their motto, aiming to shed light on the importance of charitable donations for supporting the goals and aspirations of many CUNY students of the present and future.

#CUNYTUESDAY 2016On this day, CUNY students, staff, alumni, and community members alike, rallied together to raise awareness and support for their favorite schools.

Elevated social media activity leading up to and on the day was displayed on the website’s built-in Tagboard; a live stream of any and all social media posts that included the #CUNYTUESDAY tag.  This is still available to view at the bottom of the #CUNYTUESDAY home page.#CUNYTUESDAY 2016

Social media image from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

With a total of 22 colleges raising money for this giving event, over $700K was donated from more than 3,000 donors!


Colleges with the most raised and the most donors were easy to find via the #CUNYTUESDAY Leaderboards.  At the end of the day, Hunter College topped the leaderboards for most donations at over $190k and the most donors at 621!


Participating colleges continued to collect donations through the giving platform following the official giving day.  To see the most up-to-date numbers or to learn more about this giving event, visit

Congratulations to CUNY on the outcome of this fantastic giving event.  We look forward to seeing all of you again next year!