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3 Reasons Why GiveGab is the Best Giving Day Investment

A lot of time, plenty of resources, and a whole lot of passion go into planning a Giving Day. When it comes to picking the right platform, we know how important it is to invest in a partner that can support you and your community throughout your entire Giving Day process.

So, what makes GiveGab unique? Our three company values are what make the difference!

1. Customer Love is What Drives Us!

As a company, our number one value and the singular goal that guides our every action and every decision is delighting our customers. We live and act by these words. Our goal with each Giving Day is that:

  • You and your team absolutely love GiveGab
  • Your donors and Giving Day participants absolutely love you

We measure Customer Love by paying close attention to our Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is a metric based on direct feedback from our Giving Day partners regarding how likely they are to recommend our platform to other fundraising professionals on a scale of 0-10.

NPS Customer Feedback

Most reports put the average NPS for online software at around 30 on a scale of -100 to 100. These scores are available online, and most worldwide brands with large ad budgets and an extensive following of customers can have an NPS in the 60s or 70s, such as Netflix (68), Airbnb (74), and Starbucks (77).

GiveGab’s NPS is 84, one of the highest scores anywhere, and by far the highest in our industry. We report on this number every week to hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that our partners are having the best experience possible.

2. Team Culture is our Foundation!

It’s simple: we know that in order for you to love working with us, we have to love working with each other!  

foundationsWhen our team members love working together, we see their passion and enthusiasm for Giving Days grow. Each team member then leads our partner’s Giving Days with the same enthusiasm and passion – creating a team atmosphere ready for success. 

We track our team’s satisfaction in several ways, including monthly happiness surveys and employee retention – both areas where our numbers are at the top of our industry.

To get at the heart of why our Team Culture matters to our Giving Day partners, we focus on our customer churn. The average customer churn in our industry is 19%. Some of the best companies in the world get this number down to between 3% and 5%. GiveGab’s customer churn for Giving Days has averaged less than 2.5% over the past few years and currently sits at less than 1%. We are proud to say that our churn rate is 38x better than average and 6x better than what is considered “exceptional.”

Our customers stay with GiveGab when they are happy working with our team, and they are happy with our team when we love working and inspiring each other.

3. We Walk the Walk!

For us, this means we are partners for your Giving Day, not just vendors. We often consider ourselves an extension of your Giving Day team. Our partners feel assured that we are there to help them every step of the way. 


First, you’ll connect with our Engagement Team. These are our fundraising experts and come from working directly in development offices at higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations. They are there to guide you to finding the ideal Giving Day for your community or school! You then attend your first kick-off goal meeting with your dedicated Project Manager (PM).

After your initial meeting, Your PM schedules regular check-in meetings to track your progress, facilitate conversations with other Giving Day leaders, and help you build a site customized for your community or campus. During your Giving Day, our whole team is there to rally behind you and all taking part in your event. And finally, you’ll attend a thoughtful debrief where your PM will discuss your results and experience hosting your Giving Day and discuss ways to grow your next campaign!

We promise to be there because we know direct support can make a massive difference in your experience and success. 


Because of the close relationships we form with our partners, the GiveGab team has the resources and extensive knowledge to help your Giving Day grow! 

Did you know that over the past several years, US donations have increased by an average of 5% each year? What’s even better – GiveGab led Giving Days have grown by an annual average of nearly 60% – that is 12 times faster growth than average, and in 2020, repeat Giving Days on GiveGab grew by 97%!

Giving Day growth really matters over time as you build your program and continue to invest resources in the success of your community or campus. For example, if you hosted a $100k event and were not partnering with GiveGab, on average you would be raising about $127k by your fifth year. When you decide to run a Giving Day with GiveGab, you could be raising over $1M by year 5. How? Because our experts will guide you through the process, help you set realistic goals and strategies for achieving them, and we promise to keep advancing the technology alongside you to better serve your communities. 

onetime donorsThis isn’t just a hypothetical. Just ask New Hampshire Gives, our very first Giving Day partner. Their first day raised a very impressive $187k in 2016. In their 5th year, The NH Center for Nonprofits raised more than $3.3M.  Listen to our Giving & Gabbing podcast episode, Growing New Hampshire’s Giving Day By 526%, for the whole story!

From working with Giving Days of all sizes, we have learned first-hand how important it is to not just provide you with best-in-class technology, but to also provide dedicated and personal support. 

When you partner with GiveGab we promise to lead with our values: 

  1. Customer Love means you’ll love working with us
  2. Team Culture means you won’t ever leave
  3. We Walk the Walk means you’ll raise much, much more for you and your participating nonprofits and funds. 

Investing in GiveGab’s technology, and personal partnership will be the best investment for your Giving Day and its growth. Chat with a member of our Engagement Team to learn more about how you can achieve Giving Day success when you are backed by GiveGab’s company values!