GiveGab Joins Forces With Kimbia in Acquisition

On January 18, 2018, GiveGab finalized its acquisition of substantially all assets of Kimbia, a fellow leader in everyday fundraising and Giving Days.  To ensure that customers from both platforms experience continuity of services, this has been a full collaboration between teams to transition all products and services under GiveGab's management.  

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Kimbia's products and services will remain available throughout this transition and for as long as reasonably possible to follow.  

GiveGab is excited to be adding Kimbia’s legacy and experience to its modern, secure, and user-friendly platform, and to continue to build on the team's absolute obsession with customer service.  To adequately welcome new customers and continue providing existing users with the same great support, GiveGab has added more all-star players to the customer success and engineering teams.  

Everything about the GiveGab experience will remain the same, so existing users will not see any changes moving forward.  

This acquisition will have a positive impact on the experience of GiveGab and Kimbia users alike due to the many contributions each team is bringing to the table. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to GiveGab's Customer Success team through the live chat feature on or email them at


FAQs for Existing GiveGab Users

Q1:  What does this mean for my organization or my user experience? Will there still be customer support when I need it?

A1:  Our priority is to ensure that superior customer support remains intact with this transition, which is why we’ve already hired more in-house customer success representatives and engineers to continue meeting the needs of our valued nonprofit users, like you!   


Q2:  Who is Kimbia and what do they do?

A2: Kimbia is an online fundraising, crowdfunding, and event platform provider for nonprofits, higher education, and community foundations.  In the last ten years, organizations including American Red Cross, Smithsonian Institution, Georgetown University, Communities Foundation of Texas, GiveMN, The Boston Foundation and The Miami Foundation have raised over a billion dollars using Kimbia’s Everyday Giving, Peer-to-Peer, Event Registration and Giving Day solutions.


Q3:  Why did GiveGab acquire Kimbia?

A3:  GiveGab was made aware of this incredible opportunity to acquire Kimbia and thought it would be the most beneficial to everyone involved, as it would allow us to reach more nonprofits with our modern fundraising technology.


Q4:  Why did Kimbia sell to GiveGab?

A4: Founded in 2007, Kimbia has helped nonprofits raise over $1 billion since its inception.  After a decade of success, they realized they could be part of something larger by combining with a successful organization such as GiveGab.  The acquisition by GiveGab opens up new opportunities for Kimbia customers and team members.  It also provides a platform for significant growth in our combined business.  


Q5:  What impact, if any, will this have on my organization?

A5:  You shouldn’t notice anything different moving forward while using GiveGab!  This will have an overall positive impact on your experience because we’ll be applying what we learn from Kimbia’s legacy and vast experience to make the GiveGab experience even better than before!  The fact that so many additional nonprofits and giving day partners will be using GiveGab should serve as added confirmation for your organization that you’ve chosen the right platform!


FAQs for Existing Kimbia Users

Q1: Who is GiveGab and what experience does the company bring to customers?

A1:  GiveGab was established in 2011 and is based out of Ithaca, NY. GiveGab has helped nonprofit organizations throughout the United States launch online fundraising campaigns and events, manage their volunteer opportunities and supporters, and participate in Giving Days.  GiveGab software is modern and easy-to-use and facilitates the cultivation of long-term giving relationships between nonprofits and their supporters by providing robust online fundraising, donor management, supporter engagement, Giving Days, and more.   


Q2: Why did Kimbia decide to sell to GiveGab?

A2:  Founded in 2007, Kimbia has helped nonprofits raised over $1 Billion since its inception.  After a decade of success, they realized they could be part of something larger by combining with a successful organization such as GiveGab.  The acquisition by GiveGab opens up new opportunities for Kimbia customers and team members.  It also provides a platform for significant growth in our combined business.  


Q3. My giving day is this Spring 2018.  Are you changing anything that will affect it proceeding as planned, as we did in previous years?

A3:  Clients with Giving Days this Spring are already in the process of planning and configuring through Kimbia’s technology, however, we will gladly introduce you to GiveGab’s giving day platform if you’re interested.  We’d love to work with you to help you make that decision!


Q4: Will Kimbia customers receive the same level of support as they currently have?  

A4:  GiveGab intends to provide support for the Kimbia product and clients using it.  Kimbia’s support team is also still available at  We will provide more information in the next 90 days as we begin combining our support resources and systems.


Q5: Are you expecting any staffing changes to the Kimbia team?

A5:  Kimbia’s employees have been offered the opportunity to continue working under GiveGab’s management to make this transition as seamless as possible.  Our goal to continue providing continuity of services and any significant changes will be communicated as they arise.


Q6: Will there be any change in the Kimbia product?  Will it still be available to me?

A6:  No immediate changes are planned.  Your Kimbia account is still available following the acquisition.  Current projects will carry on as before, your contacts will remain the same, and your event dates will be unchanged.  We expect to provide continuity of service during and following the acquisition.  What’s more, the GiveGab team will enhance Kimbia’s capability and add additional resources.


Q7:  I’m interested in the GiveGab product instead of Kimbia.  What do I need to do to learn more about my options?

A7:  For more information on the GiveGab product and options for moving from the Kimbia platform, please email  


Q8: What benefits will customers see as a result of the acquisition?

A8: Customers will have access to additional services and an expanded scope of resources.  We believe that this acquisition creates a stronger organization that will provide our customers with additional services and a deeper bench of professionals to provide the quality of services our customers desire.


Q9:   I just renewed my agreement and would like to continue to use the Kimbia platform.  Is this possible?   

A9:  The Kimbia platform will be available to clients for continued use for as long as reasonably possible.  We will follow-up to answer any specific scenarios or timeframe which you may be interested in gathering more information about.


Q10: Will customers need to sign new contracts with GiveGab?

A10: Current customer contracts will be honored as they are written today.


Q11: Will our fees and business arrangements change?

A11: Current customer contracts will be honored as they are written today.


Q12: How does the acquisition of Kimbia fit into GiveGab’s broader strategies for fundraising software?

A12: Kimbia’s years of experience in the giving day and year-round fundraising space allow for a unique combination of subject matter expertise when combined with GiveGab’s team.  We look forward to growing our support of customers and enhancing the product further while drawing on this exciting combination of resources.  


Q13: Who should I contact if I have other questions for the Kimbia team?

A13: Please feel free to submit inquiries to and a team member will respond within 48 business hours.


Q14: What additional services can I expect now that Kimbia is managed by GiveGab?

A14: GiveGab has a live chat feature managed by their in-house customer support team to address any incoming questions, helping to resolve issues faster.  They also provide a variety of free resources to make fundraising, supporter engagement, and marketing practices, easier!


Q15:  Are there any differences between Kimbia and GiveGab in terms of the products and services they offer?

A15:  Both GiveGab and Kimbia products offer everyday giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, events, and Giving Day solutions to their users.  Additionally, GiveGab offers donor engagement and volunteer management features as well as live chat support for all nonprofits and donors.  While GiveGab ties all of these services together, making it easy for Giving Day participants to continue their everyday fundraising on their platform, Kimbia offers each as a separate product, which means that a Giving Day participant would have to purchase a separate service in order to do everyday fundraising through Kimbia’s technology.