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Our Mission: More, Happy Volunteers

GiveGab is the social network for volunteers and volunteer managers

GiveGab is the social network for volunteers.  We’re dedicated to helping volunteers and nonprofit organizations find each other in their local communities.

Our goal is to create a fun, online environment that encourages volunteer hours, donations, and social interactions.  

We want to make more, happy volunteers and increase volunteerism around the world.

How GiveGab helps Volunteers & Volunteer Managers

GiveGab helps volunteers find volunteer opportunities they’re passionate about in their local community and beyond, log volunteer hours, communicate with friends and create a volunteer resume.

Volunteer managers at nonprofits, schools, alumni associations and  businesses can use GiveGab to create and manage events, promote their programs, recruit volunteers, track volunteer hours and report on all the good they’re doing in their communities.

GiveGab's easy-to-use services are just a click away!

Sign up for a free personal profile to track your own volunteer efforts, or check out our solutions for a School, Alumni AssociationNonprofit or Business to form a community of volunteers. 

If you need enhanced reporting, you can sign up for GiveGab’s Premium or Enterprise services.  All the information you need to apply for awards and grants or to report on your community service efforts will be right at your fingertips.  

Check out our new iOS app! It was designed to help volunteers find opportunities, log hours, and interact socially.