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What is a Day of Giving?

A Day of Giving, also known as a Giving Day, is a 24-hour online fundraising challenge that aims to rally groups of people around a particular region, cause, holiday/event or place of higher education. 



Why Choose GiveGab for Your Giving Day?

GiveGab is best-in-class modern software built on mobile-first technology. Combined with unparalleled customer support, you'll see amazing results on your Giving Day and beyond!  

Modern Software

GiveGab is the very first Giving Day platform built on modern, mobile-first technology from day one, making it the most secure, agile, and user-friendly technology in its class today.

Advanced Support

Our primary focus is on making the lives of Giving Day hosts, participants, and donors easier, which is why we provide unparalleled and personalized support that people love!

Amazing Results

Millions raised through GiveGab with zero downtime!  We also provide a 100% uptime guarantee and a fundraising and supporter engagement tool for your daily operations 365 days a year.  

Who Typically Hosts a Day of Giving?


like community foundations, United Ways, or region-based or cause-based agencies


like schools, colleges or universities

GiveGab, the Nonprofit Giving Platform,

provides you with everything needed to host a successful Day of Giving in your community. Whether you’re a location-based or cause-based agency, community foundation or university, a Day of Giving can help you grow your giving network and build an online presence for years to come.

GiveGab, the Modern Giving Platform,

provides you with everything you need to host a successful Giving Day by driving increased support, awareness, and donations to participating organizations, while also improving the online presence and status of hosts as leaders within their specific sectors. 

What Can You Accomplish with a Day of Giving?

In just a single day, you can raise awareness and funds for multiple organizations (as with civic days of giving) or a single institution (as with college days of giving). Those participating gain maximized potential for improved brand establishment, supporter acquisition, and community engagement.  Plus, they're a whole lot of fun for everyone involved!

Some of Our Giving Day Clients Include:

big-give-logo.jpg  Cornell.pngthe-amazing-give-logo.pngKY-gives-day-logo-horizontal.jpgmissoula-logo-fbook.pnggive-big-kern-logo.jpgidaho-gives-logo.jpgdekalb-logo.jpg   horizons-national-giving-day-logo.jpggive-big-gallatin-valley.png      greater-helena-gives-logo.png Queens College.pngCity Tech.pngLehman-Logo.jpg      Baruch College.png     John Jay College.png      Hunter College.png 

GiveGab built a beautiful giving experience for #ILGive that leveraged the latest technology and delighted both donors and nonprofits. Our success in this campaign is directly related to the incredible user experience and customer service provided by our partner, GiveGab." 

- Kathleen Murphy, Director of Communications at Forefront

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GiveGab Provides:

Industry-Leading Technology Platform & Best In Class Features

  • 100% Uptime with No Performance Degradation
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee or Fees are Refunded 
  • Cloud-Based, Secure, Scalable Hosting - Necessary for High-Volume Spikes in Site Activity
  • Designed & Branded to Customer Specifications
  • Only Platform Built on Mobile-First Technology from Day One - Modern & User-Friendly Interface 
  • Only Platform Running on Multiple Cloud Providers for Maximum Redundancy at All Times
  • Secure Donation Processing with Industry-Leading Security Standards in Place
  • Direct Fund Disbursement to Organizations
    Within 3-5 Business Days
  • Only Platform with Built-In Automatic Failover to Each Participant's Website in Emergency Situations 
  • History of Rock-Solid Performance for Some of the Largest Giving Days in the United States
  • Beautiful, Customizable, & Flexible User Interface
  • Customizable Participant Profiles Allowing for Unique Expression of One's Story 
  • Interactive Dashboard for Admins
  • Built-In Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tools for
    Individuals & Teams
  • Robust Reporting & Built-In Analytics
  • Modern Payment Systems, Including ApplePay
  • Easy Repeat Giving for Donors
  • Recurring Donations Option
  • Tagboard Social Media Integration
  • Real-Time Leaderboards, Stats, and Countdowns to Drive Gamification & Participation
  • Real-Time Prize Announcements & Allocations
  • Options for Real-Time Matching & Challenges 
  • Offline Gift Reporting Functionality (Cash/Check)

Giving Day Strategy Development & Phenomenal Customer Care

  • In-Person Kick-Off Meeting
  • Strategic Planning Throughout
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Dedicated Project Managers to Guide You Through Every Step of Your Giving Day 
  • Customer Support Chat with Average Response Time of Under 5 Minutes 
  • Participant Recruitment Best Practices
  • Value Proposition Development for Participants 
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Sponsorship Best Practices
  • Ambassador Program and Best Practices
  • Worksheet of Kickoff Event Ideas
  • Exclusive Membership to Giving Day Host Community Where You’ll Learn from Giving Day Success Stories

Educational Materials & Trainings That Your Participants Will Love

  • 4-Part Webinar Series to Prepare for Success
  • Customizable Engagement Templates for Email, Social Media, and More
  • Marketing Tools that Include Social Media Logos, Cover Photos, Save the Date Images, and More
  • Communication Timelines with Suggestions for how to Best Allocate Time Leading up to Your Giving Day
  • Post-Giving Day Webinar Series for Year-Round Fundraising and Supporter Engagement Best Practices  

Year-Round Giving Beyond the Day

  • Simple One-Time Setup Easily Transfers to Year-Round Fundraising & Supporter Engagement 
  • Donor Data From the Giving Day is Automatically Integrated into GiveGab's Donor Management System, the Engage Donor CRM, for Optional Use 
  • Post-Giving Day Webinar Series for Continued Success Beyond the Day

Let GiveGab Help You Plan a Successful Day of Giving!